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In spite of all pessimistic opinions, we live in a beautiful world and every day of our living in this world opens new horizons, delighting us with the unique shades of nature beauty, fascinating with the variety of verges in human communication and relationships, and thrilling us with the unbelievable pace of modern science and technology development.

But only a healthy person can feel all the completeness and vividness of life palette. Diseases and illnesses limit our abilities to enjoy living; very often they restrict one’s contacts with the external world and lead to self-isolation in the small circle of the closest friends and relatives.

Acne is one of those diseases, which make people suffer not only physically, but emotionally as well. Moreover, the psychological impact of acne on one’s life may be much more significant than physical pain or discomfort, associated with this skin disorder.

It is a proven fact that knowledge is one of the tools, which help people cope with their diseases and treat them effectively. Knowing the basics of acne, its causes, symptoms and possible consequences is the first step towards the successful treating of the disease. Being familiar with the available treatment options, their modes of actions, pros and cons of each method helps to choose the most appropriate way of treating acne in every particular case.

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Retin-A Quiz
This quiz allows our visitors to test their knowledge of use, side effects, and expected results of Retin-A, which, for the time being, is one of the most popular and widely used anti-acne medications.

General Skin Care Quiz
This quiz covers the most general issues on skin care. You are invited to test your knowledge of skin structure, functions, aging process and skin care basics.

Teenage Acne Quiz
The problem of teenage acne is so widely spread all around the world. It always has negative impact on the psychological state of teenagers. This quiz will help the adolescence check their knowledge of this issue and remember what is beneficial and ...

Advanced Acne Quiz
This quiz is created for all those, who consider themselves to be real acne experts. Try your knowledge and prove yourself you are right! (Besides, everything is not so scary as it may sound.)

Acne Quiz for Beginners
This quiz is a good chance for everyone, in spite of age, education, and occupation, to check the knowledge of the most elementary facts about acne. Hopefully, you will enjoy simple and sometimes humorous questions. So, have a good time!
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What Is Acne and What Causes It?
It must feel so good to be always cheerful and optimistic. Moreover, such people do exist! Optimists’ characteristic feature is finding positive aspects even in the worst things. What they might say about acne is, “It ...
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Where does the beautiful appearance begin?! There are many important elements in one's beauty: a perfect figure, white even teeth, shining hair, high cheek-bones, full luscious ...
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