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People consider eyes to be the mirror of the soul and the only language understandable everywhere and by everyone. However, when the eyes become itchy, watery, and red because of some allergic condition – the “mirror” can lose its luster and the “language” can be misinterpreted.

There is a wide range of allergic eyes conditions, any of which interferes significantly with the sufferer’s quality of life. Naturally, the importance of allergic eyes treatment is difficult to underestimate.

Basically, any treatment starts with learning, because in order to overcome the disorder, one has to understand it clearly, find out its signs, symptoms, and causes, and then in cooperation with a professional doctor choose a treatment strategy.

Allergic Eyes Category at Pillwatch.com is a “helping hand”, which will guide you through the basic knowledge on the most common allergic eyes conditions and the most popular treatment options. The articles here explain the nature of eyes allergic conditions, revealing the causes and describing the signs and symptoms of allergic eyes. This section also contains basic consumer information on the medications most commonly used to treat different eyes allergies. Besides, our quizzes will help you check your knowledge of this medical issue.  

Medications related to Allergy:
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General Quiz on Eye Allergies
Suffering from allergic reactions is a common thing these days. Most often allergies target our nose, skin, lungs, and eyes. Eye allergies, being harmless for the eyesight, may still significantly interfere with everyday activities of a sufferer. ...

Quiz on Eye Allergies Treatment Options
Very often eyes become the first human body organ, which comes into contact with allergens, plenty of which are in the air. As a result, people, who are prone to allergies, suffer from allergic symptoms, targeting their eyes, such as itching, ...
Articles in this category:
Acular Against Eye Allergy
Pain, swelling, redness, and inflammation are exactly the cases where nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are among the first-line options. Mentioned symptoms are effectively reduced with these medications due ...

Optivar and Zaditor Dual Benefits
Allergy is a common condition targeting millions of people worldwide every minute. Some of them suffer from any contact with particular substances “all around the clock”, while others experience the symptoms ...

Antihistamines Eye Drops for Allergic Eyes Relief
There are different medications for treating eye allergy - an inflammation of the conjunctiva. Among them there are various types of eye drops available on the market, starting from “artificial tears” and up ...

What Are the Options to Treat Eye Allergies?
Sure you have at least one friend who has allergy of eyes, or hay fever eyes (as it is commonly known). Eyes allergy is a very spread condition among the population (especially those who suffer from some kind of allergy ...

Different Types of Eye Allergic Conditions
Almost half of the people with different types of allergies have eye allergies. An eye is the most vulnerable part of the body, and any kind of discomfort in the area has all chances to ruin your day (or days). Allergic ...

Eye Allergy: What is It?
The eyes are not only the windows to the person’s soul (so they are able to reflect what inside the person), but also the organ that allows us to get the information through seeing things (percept the reflection ...
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Featured Article Eye Allergy Treatment

Sure you have at least one friend who has allergy of eyes, or hay fever eyes (as it is commonly known). Eyes allergy is a very spread condition among the population (especially ...
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