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The amazing thing about the character of a human being is to keep on going even if the desired result is already achieved. We always go on searching for better ways, new things, and more effective methods. This concerns any aspect of our life, and medicine in particular.

It may seem that scientists have already found effective, reliable, and relatively safe methods of contraception. However, the point our science is at now is perceived by many researches only as a good start for new discoveries, for the searching of better options, more optimal decisions, and more effective means of pregnancy prevention.

Actually, this is one of the best features of the humans, as it gives chances and hopes for many people, who are not satisfied with the state of modern contraception, for whom the existing methods are not acceptable and are not possible to use for some reasons. Alternative methods of contraception, scientists develop today, ensure all the unsatisfied to find themselves the appropriate and suitable means of family planning and avoiding the unwanted pregnancies.
Alternative Contraception Category at Pillwatch.com was created to present, describe, underline advantages and weak-points, give hints on the correct use, as well as warn of the possible complications and inconveniences of such alternative methods of pregnancy prevention as Natural Family Planning, Standard Days method, Rhythm method, Cervical Mucus method and some others. You will also get to know about the possibility to use computers and herbs in preventing the unwanted pregnancies.
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Get Master Degree in Ovulation
This test gives you necessary information about the process in female’s body, thanks to which we all, men and women, are leaving on this small planet. What do we know about it? This is the time to know not only where the child comes from, but whom ...
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Contraceptive Herbs
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Cervical Mucus Method for Pregnancy Prevention
It would be unfair to confirm that women choose natural family planning methods only because their religious beliefs do not let them use some other options for preventing unwanted pregnancies (though, such cases surely ...

Rhythm Method of Birth Control
Rhythm method belongs to natural family planning, which, though used in all the times, has never been as popular as other contraceptive methods. Statistics says that only 1% of American women relied on it in 80th of the ...

Natural Family Planning vs. Contraceptives
People have always tried to live in harmony with nature. The unity with Mother Nature has always been praised as the pledge of good life and good health. Even in our highly-industrialized times, when humans mostly move ...

Ovulation Predictor Kits Overview
It is a common knowledge that menstrual cycle of a woman consists of fertile and infertile days. During her infertile period she is not likely to become pregnant; therefore, a couple can enjoy the unprotected sex ...

Standard Days Method Overview
Contraception seems to be the prerogative of women in many countries of the world. They are likely to use birth control methods more often than men. Even if a man and a woman make a mutual decision not to conceive a ...

Hormonal Contraception: Understanding Ovulation
While the universe started with the Big Crash, the human being started with the ovulation. And that is the ovulation that determines human existence. The essence of this process is not quite clear at times and brings up ...

What is Natural Family Planning and How does It Work
Bringing a child into the world seems like a unique and amazing miracle: miracle that can give us joy and unforgettable feelings, miracle that makes us a little better. But first of all it is a big responsibility and ...
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Featured Article Ovulation Predictor Kits

It is a common knowledge that menstrual cycle of a woman consists of fertile and infertile days. During her infertile period she is not likely to become pregnant; therefore, a ...
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