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Alzheimer Overview

Alzheimer’s disease is presently the most widely known form of dementia, which brings significant changes not only to a sufferer’s life, but to the life of the whole family, and the society, in the long run.

More than a hundred years have already passed since Alzheimer’s disease was first described by a German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer, but scientists still have neither clear understanding of why AD appears nor what triggers its rapid progression. All we know is that AD is currently an incurable, degenerative, terminal disease, mostly affecting people above 65.

Memory and speech problems, inability to perform usual and familiar tasks, disorientation not only in place, but in time as well, mood changes and loss of initiative have always been treated as inevitable parts of human aging. Earlier people with such symptoms just resigned themselves to the fate.

But times are changing…. With the rapid development of medical science, which is getting more and more stubborn to conquer if not death then as much human health disorders as possible, a war was declared to the Alzheimer’s disease.

A lot of work has already been done to find out more about AD. For the time being, several hypotheses have already been suggested to explain Alzheimer’s, and scientists continue gathering facts, which would allow to define the exact cause and mechanism of AD development.

The major background issues on Alzheimer’s disease are revealed in the articles below. What is Alzheimer’s disease and what is known about its causes and risk factors? How does the disorder manifest itself and how to recognize it on early stage? What can be done to prevent the development of AD? If you are interested in finding the answers for those questions, - Pillwatch.com is always at your disposal.

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Early detection of Alsheimer’s disease is of crucial importance for the success of its further management. However, this task can be pretty challenging because the early symptoms of the disorder are very similar to the signs of natural aging. ...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Myths and Realities
People started to notice certain association between aging and increasing dementia back in the ancient times. For many centuries the signs of the disorder led scientists and doctors into a blind corner and spread panic ...

How Does Alzheimer’s Disease Progress?
It occasionally happens to everyone after he or she gets 65. Significant memory losses. First you forget the name of your new son’s wife, then what you are planning to buy in the market. Just let you know, this is ...

Alzheimer’s Disease Causes and Risk Factors
Trying to match the pieces of a puzzle we start from the most vivid and the main part of the picture, as it is usually the easiest to find. Later on, when the key object is done we proceed ...

How does Alzheimer’s Disease Manifest Itself?
Any disease, targeting a particular body part, provokes its symptoms there and disrupts the normal functioning of that certain organ. At the same time, changes in the work of one system may ...

Alzheimer’s General Overview
Among the incredible variety of diseases and illnesses people suffer from there are some that kill quickly and unexpectedly, invisibly crawling under the skin and silently doing their ...
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Featured Article How does Alzheimer’s Disease Manifest Itself?

Any disease, targeting a particular body part, provokes its symptoms there and disrupts the normal functioning of that certain organ. At the same ...
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