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It seems lucky people can have it all in this world without even making much effort; while others have to struggle to gain the most essential for living things. For some people even breathing is a hard task to do. For such unlucky every breath requires infinite pains, so the whole life turns into a constant struggle and fight for the next sigh.

Asthma is their curse and doom. It is the disease, which covers happiness with a smoky cloud of bitterness and makes pleasure keep the distance from the ill person restricting his activities and limiting abilities.

It is a life-long battle; it is an endless war. Exhausting, dispiriting, and excruciating. It may sometimes seem no patience and strength is left, no will to go on, and no way to pace. Do not despair! There definitely has to be a ray of light to follow, one only has to open his eyes wide to see it.

Pillwatch.com dares become that ray of light and hope for the asthma sufferers. We work to give our visitors detailed information, the most important facts, the latest news, and the answers to their questions. This is what you can find at “Asthma” Category:

 ! Description of the disease
 ! Signs and symptoms
 ! Reasons and causes of asthma development
 ! Disorder triggers
 ! Treatment options:

-         types of medications

-         effectiveness rates

-         safety profiles and side effects

-         methods of action

-         advantages and weak-points

-         contraindications and precautions

 ! Hints on coping with the disease
 ! Ways of preventing asthma attacks

We will do our best to give you not only information, but to provide support and ease your life!

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Asthma Treatment Options Quiz
When it comes to asthma, we should keep in mind that it is a chronic or lifelong disease. It means that asthma medications will play the key role in helping a patient lead his normal life by preventing further symptoms and helping to overcome acute ...

Asthma Quiz – General Issues
Asthma affects many millions of people nowadays. The bad news is that the cure for this health disorder is still not discovered. However, the good news is that asthma symptoms can be quite effectively treated with modern medications. In the ...
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Is Your Asthma Under Control?
This is a short test, designed for people who suffer from asthma. The main goal of it is to help a patient define whether asthma is under appropriate control in every particular case or there is still some room for improvements. Please, choose the ...

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The test below was developed in order to offer Pillwatch.com visitors a simple interactive tool to define whether the symptoms he or she suffers from may be related to asthma or not. Just read the answers and choose either “Yes” or “No” for each ...
Articles in this category:
Albuterol - Cost-Saving Treatment against Asthma
Albuterol, which was first introduced to the market of the United Kingdom in 1969 and to the U.S. market in 1980, had gained a wide popularity among patients with asthma as the so-called “rescue medication”, ...

Proventil vs Proventil HFA: What’s the Difference between CFC and HFA asthma inhalers)?
Before explaining the exact reason why most asthma rescue CFC inhalers are being transformed now into HFA-based inhalers let me write a few introductory sentences about penguins, ozone layer and sun radiation, because ...

Medications for Quick Relief of Asthma Attack: Ventolin and Xopenex
Bad news – you have asthma. Only in the Unites States there are millions of people suffering from this disease. Good news is that you can control your symptoms and with qualified doctor and your proper attitude ...

What Can I Do To Control Asthma?
Once a famous American actress Candice Bergen, who, by the way, won a Golden Globe and Emmy Award, explained how asthma attack made her the best at playing orgasm in the movies: “I may not be a great actress but ...

Medications for allergic asthma
More than 50% of all adults and 90% of children suffer from asthma that is allergy induced. In recent years the incidents of that form of asthma has grown almost geometrically. The scientists are not sure why (among the ...

Asthma: Your 'Rescue' Medicine
So, you are treating your asthma on a daily basis in order to be able to control the symptoms and not to fall away from your life. You do your schedule; do you regular visits of doctor. You are getting stable or even ...

Use of Inhaled Corticosteroids against Asthma
Asthma, especially in the severe form, belongs to the health disorders, which interfere greatly with the ordinary lifestyle of sufferers, making them seek for medicinal options to cope with their disorder. Happily, ...

Asthma: Long-Term Control Treatment
As asthma cannot be cured, treatments are all about reducing the frequency of your attacks, easing your symptoms and make those episodes be as short as it possible. Another aim is to be able to live as much life as you ...

How does Singulair Treat Asthma?
Every asthma sufferer is at risk of experiencing an attack of the disease if he or she is exposed to certain things – triggers – which affect airways in the lungs. Here may belong a wide variety of different ...

Asthma: What is It and Why does It Happen?
Asthma. You have a classical situation here with news: a good one and a bad one. Ordinary, let’s start with the bad one – asthma can not be cured. But the good news is that it can be controlled, and if it is ...
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Featured Article Use of Inhaled Corticosteroids against Asthma

Asthma, especially in the severe form, belongs to the health disorders, which interfere greatly with the ordinary lifestyle of sufferers, making them seek for medicinal options to ...
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