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Perhaps ancient women couldn't even imagine that it might be possible to make sex without becoming pregnant or to stop pregnancy almost at any stage of it. Sex-pregnancy-labour was like an indissoluble, consecutive chain of events and it coudn't be in another way.

I'm not sure, but, perhaps, because of that many centuries ago there were no families with less than 3-4 children (ancient people also loved sex!).

Ancient women couldn't even imagine it, but we can and we even practise it! Nowadays there exist a lot of various methods of contraception, if you don't want to become pregnant, and a number of abortion methods, if you are pregnant but suddenly decided not to be.

Various tablets, condoms, coils, abortion almost at any stage of pregnancy -- all this is accessible not just somewhere but almost everywhere all over the world.

It's a great progress in medicine. Modern women may have everything concerning pregnancy under their control. The only thing left is to gain necessary knowledge and to be able to use it. But it's not a problem either.

There is no need for you to go to the library, to get a heap of thick, boring books and to spend plenty of time searching for the necessary information about birth control. Here, on pillwatch.com, you will find everything you need to know concerning this topic, written in the most comprehensible way understandable even for a child!

Medications related to Birth Control:
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Birth Control Quiz for Experts
Birth control is not only a method to escape marriage as well as condoms are not the only birth control methods. Below is a quiz, which may become a real challenge for you. But in case your answers are all correct, you are a real expert in this ...

Birth Control Quiz
Sex is certainly a pleasant activity. Still, it can lead to unwanted consequences, when it is uncontrolled and when a couple does not realize the responsibility. Possession of information on contraceptive methods and safe sex can prevent those ...
Articles in this category:
What to Expect from Contraception in Future
Nearly one third of the pregnancies are defined as ‘unintended’ all over the world. And 90 % of these women with pregnancies were using some contraceptive method in that moment, which failed to do its job. ...

What You Should Know about Barrier Birth Control Methods
We’ve started to practice preventing pregnancy long time ago, as long as human is living on earth. What is interesting about sex, that there’s thousands of ‘get-sex-free-of-consequences’ options. ...

The Key Point of Hormonal Birth Control Methods and Their Mechanism of Action
As there are many positions how one can make sex depending on the stature, likes-dislikes and even to whom to give the priority - there are so much types of how one can protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy while ...

A Little Bit More about Fertility and Infertility in Women
 There is one thing that is sure to be called the blessing of our lives as a family – a child. A child along with his or her problems, sleepless nights, responsibility and expenses can bring to any family ...

The History of Contraception
These days, perhaps, only small kids may still believe that babies are brought by the storks or found in the cabbage. The world is on that stage of evolution when people know exactly why and how kids are born. ...

Alternative Contraception: From Ovulation Method To Fertility Computers
Pillwatch.com gives a lot of information on modern and up-to-date birth control methods, having medical background. But getting acquaintance only with this type of birth controlling is like being on the wedding party, ...

What To Do If Your Birth Control Fails?
Even the most up-to-date birth control method or contraceptive does not give 100% guarantee in its efficiency. For example, condoms ensure impossibility of getting pregnant in 99% of cases. But 99% is not 100% and no ...

Oral Contraceptives: Advantages & Disadvantages.
Each normal woman or man (especially man) like to have sexual relationships and the more the better. We all know that the result of such relationships may be, for example, undesirable pregnancy. It causes a lot of ...

Birth Control Methods: Which One to Choose?
You’ve asked yourself this question not once and never got irrefragable answer? The lack of awareness makes you embarrassed in the consulting room? Then you’re in proper place. The variety of birth control methods with ...

Abortion: pros and cons
Abortion has been known since ancient times. It wasn't widely practiced because it was banned. Nowadays more and more women resort to abortion even in countries where it is illegal. It has become a serious problem for ...
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Birth Control
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Featured Article What If Birth Control Fails?

Even the most up-to-date birth control method or contraceptive does not give 100% guarantee in its efficiency. For example, condoms ensure impossibility of getting pregnant in ...
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