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If you wake up in the morning and feel like this day is not gonna be better than the others, if you feel itís gonna be worse than the others, then you are almost surely to face a serious medical illness called depression. If you feel like your life doesnít make sense anymore and there is no light in the tunnel, you are surely to have depression. If you are scared of bad weather and darkness, then you are still likely to have depression.

The more Ďpopularí a disease is, the more questions people have to it. As in: how to figure it out, who can help if you got it and what the treatment is about.

To treat depression you first of all have to share your problem with other people. Depression is that kind of disease that you can talk out. Itís easy if you really want to be healthy.

At Pillwatch.Com you can learn more about depression and individual experience by reading our Depression Stories. Depression Stories picture individuals that used to have problems with depression but managed to overcome them or are trying to. The stories will help you to get involved into the understanding of this disease and help you to treat it right.

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Articles in this category:
A Way to Depression
If there is a person in the world who perfectly knows the earliest signs and the shortest way to depression, that would be me. Though I was lucky enough to avoid the acute form of this disease, I definitely know how ...

How I Was Fired Regularly
When I graduated from the University, getting a job didn't seem to be a problem to me - I had everything to get a good position. Everything, except experience. After 6 months of useless interviewing my ...

You Need To Find Your Something
I'm very sorry for people suffering from depression, because I understand what's happening to them at such moments. Do you know why? Just because I also suffer from depression and I know how difficult it is to overcome ...

A Hint on Vanquishing the Depression
So many people suffer from seasonal depression. I think it will be true to say that every person in the world experienced it at least once in his or her life. They say that autumn is when depression does its wicked work ...

What to Say And What Not to Say
I study at the university at the faculty of psychology and I'm a fourth-year student. Our teacher of psychology - Marina Petrovna - is very good at the subject. Her lectures and seminars are always very interesting and ...

Does Depression Influence the Wedding?
It happened to my fellow student, Tommy. The whole University knew this story and each teller added something new to it. Nevertheless, I can guarantee the reliability of my variant because Tommy himself told it to ...

The Heebie Jeebies Stories: Life Is What You Make It
Life is a consequence of nonsense. It was created by someone to make beings suffer. No, really, isnít it silly to waste your time on things that make sense in our lives? What I mean is whether it makes any sense to ...

The Heebie Jeebies Stories: A Step Too Far
They say easy come easy go. I thought so too before I met a person that changed my whole outlook. Thatís scary in fact, when someone can do that to you. Life is too short to waste time for nothing but too long to ...

The Heebie Jeebies Stories: Way to Go Crazy
My friends didnít want me to go there. No one really talked me into changing my whole life and rushing to another country for nothing. But I was like insane and thought that I had to run away from things in Canada. Iím ...
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It happened to my fellow student, Tommy. The whole University knew this story and each teller added something new to it. Nevertheless, I can guarantee the reliability of my ...
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