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Since ancient times, when diabetes as a malfunction of the human body to deal with sugars from different food sources was identified, people continue searching for effective and safe options to treat the disorder. Though we still do not have the remedy to cure diabetes once and forever, we have many options to treat the disorder and keep it under control.

The development of diabetes treatment options have always been based on understanding of the specific malfunctions within the human body, leading to diabetes. For example, in order to address the decrease in insulin production by human pancreas, sulfonulyrea and meglitinide drugs were developed; in order to suppress the production of blood sugar, called glucose, by the liver, another group of medications, called biguanides, are available these days. Finally, in order to treat the problem of insulin resistance, which is a specific feature of the most widely spread type 2 diabetes, the novel class of thiazolidinedione medications was recently developed.    

Insulin injections are also greatly improved these days to address the cases of type 1 diabetes. And, of course, the role of healthy eating and proper exercising plan is impossible to overestimate in the treatment of both types of diabetes.

Pillwatch.com offers you a set of articles, covering the most important issues on diabetes medications. The types of presently used medicines, their modes of action, differences between available drugs, and the risks/benefits evaluation of various treatment options are described in this section of the site. Please, feel free to leave your comments on the issues, discussed in the articles. Sharing your personal experience is highly appreciated by Pillwatch.com and by its regular readers as well.

Medications related to Diabetes:
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How Much Do You Know about Insulin-Stimulating Drugs?
People with type 2 diabetes usually have problems with the lack of insulin produced by their pancreas to deal with all the sugars, derived from foods eaten. Happily, there are medications, specifically designed to work in the direction of increasing ...

Do you Know Key Facts on Metformin?
Metformin, which is a representative of the anti-diabetic drugs called biguanides, is considered to be the most popular and the most commonly prescribed oral medication against diabetes in the USA. This quiz is an online self-checking tool, as well ...

Quiz on Avandia
Diabetes, being a very distressful condition, may be quite effectively and even more or less conveniently managed today with the help of the available treatment options developed by the scientists. Avandia is the representative of the new class of ...

How Well Do You Know Januvia?
Januvia is a new word in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Pillwatch.com has prepared a quiz for you to check how much you know about this novel medication, its unique features, health benefits and side effects.

Quiz on Byetta Key Facts
In April, 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Byetta a representative of brand-new class of medications to help people with type 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar under control. The medication with an amazing origin and novel mode ...
Articles in this category:
The Benefits of Januvia Novel Medication against Diabetes
While insulin injections still remain the only treatment against type 1 diabetes, those people, who suffer from type 2 diabetes, which is a far more widely spread form of diabetes, receive new and ...

Byetta Benefits in Controlling Blood Sugar
Diabetes has always had a very bad reputation. Not rarely the disorder has been treated by people as a death sentence. However, for the past dozens of years the science of medicine has made a ...

How Can Diabetes 2 Patients Benefit from Precose?
Managing diabetes can be pretty challenging, because a patient has to constantly monitor his blood sugar level in order to avoid both hyperglycemia (when glucose is extremely high) and ...

How do Actos and Avandia Differ from Other Antidiabetes Drugs?
It is known that in case of type 2 diabetes there are two major problems within the human body, which explain the development of diabetes. First one is insufficient amount of insulin ...

How does Metformin Help with Diabetes?
Metformin is often said to be one of the top mostly prescribed and used medications against type 2 diabetes nowadays. In 2006 the U.S. doctors issued about 35 million prescriptions for metformin ...

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lowering Blood Sugar with Prandin and Starlix
The trivial phrase “We eat to live, not live to eat” may be considered sarcastic by people who suffer from diabetes type 2. It looks like food they eat not only fails to help them live ...

Amaryl the Latest Generation of Sulfonylureas Against Type 2 Diabetes
The core of diabetes problem is the complete or partial crash of hormone insulin production in the human body. Unlike type 1 diabetes, when there is no insulin produced in the human body, ...

Sulfonylurea Drugs - Medications that Help to Increase Insulin Production
Probably, the first thing you are advised to do when you happen to have Type 2 diabetes is life style changes. This includes changes in your diet and increasing your physical activity ...
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Featured Article Sulfonylurea: Antidiabetic Drugs

Probably, the first thing you are advised to do when you happen to have Type 2 diabetes is life style changes. This includes changes in your diet ...
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