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Diabetes Overview

Diabetes. This only word can awake different emotions and feelings in people. Someone may feel nothing but fear in front of diabetes, treating the diagnosis as a sentence; others, on the contrary, may treat diabetes with complete unconcern, considering that this disorder affects only those, who have a family history of diabetes.

However, the truth is that both of the above described perceptions of diabetes are wrong. The first one is incorrect, because in spite of the fact that diabetes is really a very serious health disorder, nowadays there are enough effective options to keep the illness under control and allow a patient live normal, full and happy life. On the other hand, careless behavior toward diabetes is also unacceptable, because nowadays the leadership among diabetes causes is occupied not by genetic predisposition, but by a wrong and unhealthy lifestyle, most of us used to lead. Unhealthy eating, lack of exercising, smoking and other bad habits are the major contributors to diabetes development these days.

Pillwatch.com covers many health issues, shedding light at different health disorders, which bother people nowadays. Our aim is to “translate” complicated medical terms and data into simple words, understandable for everyone, and thus transform knowledge into the first weapon against the disorder.  

Proper management of diabetes and understanding of the available treatment options is impossible without understanding of the condition itself. What is diabetes from the medical point of view? How does it appear and why? What are the factors, which are capable of triggering diabetes in healthy persons? The answers for those and many other questions referring diabetes can be found in the articles below.

Medications related to Diabetes:
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Type 2 Diabetes Quiz
Nowadays diabetes usually means type 2 diabetes, which covers up to 90% of all cases of the health disorder. The trick is the sooner this type of diabetes is recognized the more effectively it can be treated. Amazingly, but even diet and lifestyle ...

Type 1 Diabetes Quiz
Try to find the correct answer for each question of this quiz and check your personal knowledge of the key facts on type 1 diabetes much less frequent, though often much more serious, but still treatable form of diabetes mellitus.
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Evaluate Your Risks of Diabetes
One of the most serious problems with diabetes is that a lot of people remain undiagnosed until the disorder has already caused serious health consequences. Early detection of diabetes, as well evaluating risks to develop the illness, is impossible ...
Articles in this category:
What is Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X?
The “X” sign has always been treated by people as something forbidden, mysterious, and unexplored. However, Syndrome X as a medical term is nothing about mystery or unexplored ...

Insulin Therapy and Products
Very often words “diabetes” and “insulin” are used together in conversation. That is to underline the strong relationship between human hormone insulin and the disorder of ...

Management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Similarities and Differences
Diabetes, as a health disorder, which is explained by the lack of insulin hormone necessary for processing food sugars into energy, has two major subtypes called type 1 and type 2 diabetes. ...

The Overview of Two Types of Diabetes
The diagnosis of diabetes can be quite scary for a patient. However, thanks to the huge progress the medical science have made in understanding diabetes and discovering effective treatments ...

Common Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 and 2
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition associated with the increased level of sugar in the bloodstream due to the body’s inability to process this sugar into energy. The main ...

What is diabetes and how does it appear?
According to World Health Organization at least 171 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. This figure is almost equal to the total population of Brazil, the country, occupying the fifth ...
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Featured Article Overview of Two Types of Diabetes

The diagnosis of diabetes can be quite scary for a patient. However, thanks to the huge progress the medical science have made in understanding ...
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