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Why are so many people cursed with skin disorders? What have they done wrong to deserve such punishment?

The truth is that diseases do not really choose the victim according to his or her deeds. Everyone – the just and the sinner – can become their target. Even babies cannot avoid the cruelty of health disorders. Nobody knows why...

To live in pain and torment of eczema is a hard challenge. Physical and psychological suffering is immense. Skin itching is annoying; embarrassment of the self is never-ending; disgust of the people around, their glances and desire to keep distance are offensive.

A person suffering from eczema can only dream of what a life without the disorder could have been. He can imagine how he would look like, who he would be, and what he would feel. Eczema seems to possess the power to change the whole course of life of a person, the power to break his will and to change his character.

Do not let it do that!

Learn about eczema in children and adults on Pillwatch.com; understand its causes, signs, triggers, and treatment options. Support the desperate sufferers; encourage them to fight and resist the disease; help them get used to their looks. Help them maintain their personalities.

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Can you distinguish eczema?
Revealing the problem and its correct identification is the first step towards solving it. That is why, we offer all our visitors this quiz, which is dedicated exclusively to the symptoms and signs of eczema or dermatitis and its most common types.

Eczema general quiz.
When trying to find a solution for some health problem, it is important to understand not only the available treatments, but the health disorder itself. This is the only proper way to find the treatment option which will ensure maximum results and ...

Eczema Treatments Quiz
Though eczema is not a curable disease for the time being, it can be effectively treated with a wide range of medications, which help to reduce the severity and frequency of eczema symptoms. This quiz is designed as an interactive tool for checking ...
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Eczema self-test
Eczema is a common skin disorder, bringing its sufferers not only physical pain and discomfort, but also leading to certain psychological consequences, such as decreased self-esteem or self-confidence. If you believe you experience symptoms, which ...
Articles in this category:
Use of Topical Corticosteroids in Eczema Management
Once Albert Camus, well-known French novelist and the winner of Nobel Prize for Literature, said “Style, like sheer silk too often hides eczema”. It is hard to say weather he meant “eczema” ...

Clobex Lotion Description and Usage
Out of numerous topical medications indicated for the treatment of skin diseases, lotions are said to be the most convenient to use. This is, probably, the reason why Clobex lotion gains more and ...

How Can Atarax Help with Eczema?
Being first synthesized in 1950s, hydroxyzine hydrochloride, which later became known under different brand names, was one of the representatives of the first-generation antihistamines – a class of medications ...

How to Prevent Eczema Flare-ups
A fire car, rushing to the spot of fire, will definitely fulfill its duty and sooner or later will put the spreading fire down. No doubt, every case of such disaster will be overwhelmed by the firemen. However, everyone ...

Advantages of Eczema Treatment with Elidel and Protopic
Sometimes people face the situations, when choosing the lesser of two evils is the only way out. It’s a pity but sometimes such situations concern certain health disorders and available treatment options. What is ...

How to Recognize Eczema
Eczema is an inflamed skin condition that is characterized by the dry, red, extremely itchy patches on the skin. It affects both kids and adults and from 10 to 20 percent of those having this irritating disease are ...

Things You Can Change About Eczema
Eczema is the disease than affects mostly those with the family history of allergies and genetically predisposed to the environmental triggers. This skin condition is characterized by the chronic, relapsing itchy rush ...

How To Treat Eczema
Eczema is the disease that will keep reminding of itself during the life with temporary flare-ups. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for it. This skin disease is characterized by itching and irritation of the skin on the ...

Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis Key Facts
Eczema or, by medical language dermatitis, is the noninfectious inflammation of the skin, which manifests itself through the development of papules, plaques, scales or crusts on the skin surface. The primary sign of ...
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Featured Article How to Prevent Eczema Flare-ups

A fire car, rushing to the spot of fire, will definitely fulfill its duty and sooner or later will put the spreading fire down. No doubt, every case of such disaster will be ...
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