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Emergency Contraception

The notion of emergency contraception appeared many years ago. However, at first the cases of emergency were limited to the rape victims only, suggesting that exclusively such persons needed extra protection against unplanned pregnancy.

Fortunately, time changes; therefore nowadays all the women have a chance to plan their families not only in advance using methods of contraception before sexual activity, but even after sex, employing emergency contraceptives in cases of unprotected sexual intercourse or if the main contraceptive method fails.

This is especially important taking into account data of the National Academy of Science, which reports that approximately one half of 6.3 million pregnancies occurring each year in the USA are unintended, a half of them being the result of contraceptives failures. A fair amount of the unwanted pregnancies ends in abortions, while the timely use of the emergency contraception can significantly reduce the number of women exposed to such procedure as abortion.

Status Quo and the quantity of abortions indicate that women are often unaware of their options, methods, and ways to prevent pregnancy. In view of the situation Pillwatch.com launched Emergency Contraception Category dedicated to different forms of contraceptives, which can be used in emergency cases.

All the visitors, irrespective of sex, are welcomed to get or widen the knowledge of emergency contraception action, usage, side effects, indications and contraindications.

Do not try your fate, hoping for avoiding pregnancy with the help of miracle or fortune; prevent it knowledgeably.

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