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Fungal Infections

What a relief it is to discover that the vast majority of existing fungi are practically harmless for humans. Nevertheless, even those disease-causing ones are quite numerous and thus deserve the attention scholars and doctors pay to them. Indeed, the process of investigation and researching these unique, different from other Earth creatures, and divers organisms never stops and results in the increasing number of important facts and necessary knowledge about fungi.

Moreover, the situation with them and the illnesses they may cause is aggravated by the fact that the number of people vulnerable to fungal infections grows steadily and constantly every year. The list of those who are at risk includes patients with HIV infection, otherwise immunocompromised people (due to chemotherapy, for example), and patients with other diseases or states, which weaken the immune system.

Consequently, even the fact that the majority of fungal infections respond well to the modern treatment options should not result in the decrease of interest to this type of health disorders. If a person likes travelling, or he suffers from some conditions affecting immunity, or he belongs to elderly – then it is advised for him to know at least the basics of fungal infections.

The authors of Pillwatch.com do their best to give not only the basic information on these disorders, but to dig deeper and explain in simple words the most knotty problems and difficult to understand facts about fungi, their influence on the human body, and the ways of getting rid of their invasion into our organisms.

Our articles contain such information as what fungi are, what diseases they can cause and in what parts of the body, how to identify their symptoms, what to do to avoid fungal infections, and how to treat them.

Visit our “Fungal Infections” category to be free from fungi - such tiny but so aggressive creatures.

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As it is said by Drs. Malcolm D. Richardson and David W. Warnock in their book “Fungal Infection – Diagnosis and Management”, fungi form a separate group of ...
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