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Taking into account that the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it would be good to keep this important part of a human body healthy. A number of diseases, such as gastritis, can significantly postpone reaching a man’s heart and worsen his life. Moreover, women are not less at the risk of suffering from gastritis than men; thus, they should also watch out this disease and take care of their gastrointestinal tract health.
They joke that one should never drink water, because it can rust even iron; therefore, one can only imagine what it can do to his stomach. It is possible to understand the joke only being aware of what can really damage stomach lining. 
Pillwatch.com offers a detailed description of a very common disorder targeting stomach – gastritis. Data provided in the “Gastritis Category” includes the symptoms of the condition, its causes, risk factors for its development, as well as complications and tips on its prevention.
Visiting this section of  Pillwatch.com you will also have a chance to get acquainted with the modern treatment options and ways to keep gastritis under control. You are welcome to the “Gastritis Category” to discover the truth about foods and products, which are said to be safe to consume, or which are considered to be dangerous and harmful for the human stomach.
We will do our best to reveal the myths and support the truth with the scientific facts.
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Gastrointestinal tract health is vitally important for the proper functioning of the whole human body. To maintain health in the stomach and intestines one, by no means, should know the basics of healthy nutrition. However, understanding of the ...
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Coating Agents Carafate and Cytotec for Gastritis Treatment
Stomach upset, heartburn, and gnawing and burning pain in the upper abdomen, which worsens or, on the contrary, improves during eating, may all be the warning signs of the potential problem ...

What Is Erosive Gastritis and How Can Protonix Help?
It is unfortunate but true that many of the medicines, while healing one body organ or function, often do harm to other systems of human organism. For example, a widely known aspirin, which is said to be a real ...

Gastritis: Cost of the Evolution?
Any theory, any invention and discovery in this world can be denied and dismissed. Any thing, even the best one, can be proved harmful and bad. That means that we can find positive aspects in bad events and weak-points ...

How to Recognize Gastritis?
Speaking about gastritis symptoms I must say that some of them may coincide with symptoms of some other disease (you didn't think everything is so easy, did you?). That's why sitting at home and studying internet ...

What is Gastritis?
Latin names of diseases often call associations with something complicated and dangerous. It’s not very easy to guess that fearful “hyperemia” means simple reddening of skin for instance. Just as “gastritis” I’ve always ...
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Featured Article Symptoms of Gastritis

Speaking about gastritis symptoms I must say that some of them may coincide with symptoms of some other disease (you didn't think everything is so easy, did you?). That's why ...
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