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Genital Herpes. This may sound just as a name of some disease to those who are not acquainted with it. It sounds terrifying to lots of people suffering from this whip.

Some treat genital herpes as a punishment for the crimes made; others think it is a warning to prevent them from possible sins; a lot of people are sure the disease is a curse sent on them by their enemies or envious persons.

It is easy to believe all the myths, keeping in mind that an infected person will suffer from this disease repeatedly throughout his/her life, being able only to ease symptoms, but not heal the disease absolutely.

It is necessary to get used to genital herpes, learn how to cope with it, how not to let it affect our life in negative way. Articles on pillwatch.com provide all the detailed information on how to preserve personal life and healthy relationships while being infected with genital herpes.

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Articles in this category:
Herpes Zoster or Shingles – What is It?
Herpes zoster (widely known as shingles) is a painful viral disease caused by chickenpox virus (varicella zoster virus). This virus lives inactive in the nerves of the people, who have had a chickenpox. Its ...

Herpes Recurrences or What Makes Herpes Return?
We are living in the world, where everything (or almost everything) is subdued to the law of cyclic changes. Day and night, winter and summer change each other, and even a human soul is born again after the death ...

Essential Dos and Don’ts for Not to Get Herpes
There are so many contagious diseases around us that you can become really frightened while imagining how many viruses and bacteria you could be contaminated with. It is pointless to enumerate them all; it will take too ...

Herpes: Dating and Relationships
People say: “The well-known evil is better than an unknown one”. It is hardly so if it concerns Genital Herpes (GH). Those, who do not know anything about this disease, may treat it as any other and may think that a ...

What Is Genital Herpes and How To Live With It?
Certainly, no one wants to have any kind of disease. Even the easiest, the less serious one causes nothing but problems and discomfort. And how about viruses which can't be cured completely and will stay in your ...

Genital Herpes: Treatment Options
Viruses, millions of which target our body each second, are like criminals, inhabiting every tiniest part of Earth: they are, have always been and always will be. We can neither avoid nor overwhelm them once and ...

Genital Herpes in Pregnancy: Visitations to be Continued
Painful menstruation is not enough. Toxicosis burning and turning stomach inside out during pregnancy is too little. Beastly cramps while delivering a baby seem for somebody the only mild punishment for a piece of the ...

The First Genital Herpes Outbreak Symptoms
Genital Herpes (GH) is a sexually transmitted disease, which received wide publicity in the resent years. Up to 60% of the adults and teenagers in the USA are infected with the virus causing GH, though 90% of those may ...
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Featured Article Genital Herpes in Pregnancy

Painful menstruation is not enough. Toxicosis burning and turning stomach inside out during pregnancy is too little. Beastly cramps while delivering a baby seem for somebody the ...
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