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Hair Loss Overview

Human beauty and beauty of the hair have always walked together. Actually the state, color and quantity of hair are among the factors, determining the beauty of a man and especially of a woman.

Perhaps, hair is the major human beauty component among the skin, eyes, lips and body shapes, because hair can not only make someone hansom and cute, it can also hide some slight drawbacks in the appearance, for example too big ears.

Though human scalp has more than 100 000 hairs, all people treat it as the serious problem when they start to lose hair. It is considered to be normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day, but in case this quantity is significantly greater, it is treated as the health disorder, potentially leading to baldness.

What is pattern baldness? Why does it appear? How to treat it? The answers for these and many other questions you will find in our articles below.

Medications related to Hair Loss:
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Articles in this category:
Exotic Types of Hair Loss
In spite of the fact that there are about 100 000 hairs on an average scalp, people still worry about losing even comparatively small amount of this decorative element of human body. However, worrying and anxiety are ...

Hair Loss in Women - Know in Order To Avoid
The hair is the richest ornament of women. Martin Luther. There is hardly a woman in the world, who would not agree with the above mentioned saying. Though the chances to see a woman with bold spots on the head are ...

The Pattern of Male Baldness
Lasting studying of the problem of hair loss convinced me that till this day nobody knows for sure causes and clear mechanism of it. Treatment is conducted mostly in accordance with assumptions and results vary for ...

Hair Growth - Biology in Simple Words
Hair was given to the mammals’ bodies to protect them from heat and cold, wind and sunlight. In animals this function still remains, but human hair has practically lost it in the course of evolution. Nevertheless, ...

How We Get Trapped by Hair Loss Myths
Actually, we got trapped by any kind of myths very easily and it’s not a top secret that each of us used to think ‘wrong’ about something for some time. And this sort of ‘wrong’ can be very damaging for us as knowing ...

Getting Bald Step by Step: Risk Groups
First of all it would be good to apologize for the heading of the article that refers mainly to the unpleasant things that both men and women don’t like talking about. In spite of the fact that baldness isn’t an ...

Basics to Know about Hair
We all are more or less covered with hair. The majority of mammals have a certain percentage of hair on their bodies. We never think about the function of the hairy coats of dogs, cats or horses. And we are definitely ...

Why Men Don’t Like Losing Their Hair
Beginning with the Bible story of Samson and Delilah men are getting more and more aware of losing hair. Two-three thousand years ago hair comprised men power. The more hair a man had, the stronger he was, thought our ...
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Hair Loss
Hair Loss
Featured Article
Featured Article The Story of Hair Loss

Beginning with the Bible story of Samson and Delilah men are getting more and more aware of losing hair. Two-three thousand years ago hair comprised men power. The more hair a man ...
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