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A great deal of patients with urticaria is doomed to suffer from this unpleasant and depressing disorder without even a chance to trace the actual causes of the disease. In such cases doctors have to admit that they are unable to define the reason for the hives development.
And then there is another part of patients with the same illness. They were told that urticaria in their cases was caused by an allergic reaction to some substances or objects. One may say that these ones were lucky to at least get to know why they suffer. At the same time, this knowledge does not seem to lessen their pain.
It looks like both groups are on equal terms: they have to undergo medicinal therapies to suppress acute outbreaks of the disease, or lead a constant battle against chronic hives.
What is urticaria? Are its symptoms dangerous? How does it affect a sufferer’s life? Is it curable or just treatable? What can trigger it? How to control hives? Is it possible to prevent new episodes of the disorder?
As with all the other health conditions, many questions may arise in one’s mind about hives, a condition, medically called “urticaria.”
Pillwatch.com is a place, where one can find answers to an immense number of various questions. Section “Hives” provides information on this particular disease, including answers to the questions asked above.
Do not hesitate to find out reliable data on urticaria to improve your own life, or lives of people you care about.
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Urticaria, or commonly known hives, affects almost 20 % of people around the globe. In some cases the disorder appears suddenly and goes away by itself in a couple of hours; however, in other cases, hives may become chronic, and thus should be ...

General quiz on hives as a medical condition
Affecting up to 20 % of world population at least at some time during their lifetime, urticaria, commonly known as hives, belongs to common skin disorders. Its pink, itching skin lesions, which can appear suddenly and then vanish just in order to ...
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What is it? There are several nonprescription medications for treating hives; Alavert (which is loratadine) is one of them. Loratadine is an antihistamine that is used for reducing different symptoms of allergies, ...

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The desire to be healthy is so natural and very strong in every person, even if he or she does not realize it. We all do our best to keep diseases at a distance. Similarly, people, who suffer from disorders which can ...

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  Some people, usually those who have never suffered from allergies, are prone to think that hives is not a serious disorder and can never be compared to, let us say, heart attack. Their being in the wrong ...

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When they first appear on anybody’s skin, they may not only astonish and upset a person, they may even scare one. Swollen, red, extremely itchy patches on the skin surface arouse deep sympathy for a sufferer, ...
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Featured Article Hives Risk Factors and Prevention

The desire to be healthy is so natural and very strong in every person, even if he or she does not realize it. We all do our best to keep diseases at a distance. Similarly, ...
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