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Impotence Overview

A man and a woman. Romantic evening. Candles. Champaign. Relaxing music in bedroom. She is full of passion and love. He is in sweat temptation of the unbelievable night.

Suddenly he understands that his old friend, that has always been a leading violin in the orchestra of sex performance, does not share his plans for evening. The subject of manís dignity is calmly resting instead of being firm and straight.

This scenario of impotence has become a real nightmare for millions of men worldwide. They are spending time and money to find an explanation of the problem and possible options to restore their sexual performance.

Do not waste your resources on inventing the wheel, when it has already been invented. Pillwatch.com offers you all the summarized, complete, proven and up-to-date information on Erectile Dysfunction, its causes and available treatment options.

Medications related to Impotence:
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Understanding Impotence Quiz
No matter how we call it: impotence or erectile dysfunction. The fact is: it spoils the normal living of millions of men worldwide. Information always gives the key to any problem solution. So, answer the quiz below to check your knowledge on the ...

Viagra Knowledge Quiz
This quiz will help you check your knowledge of men's sexual health and of Viagra - the first oral pill to improve erections in men.
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Do you have an Erectile Dysfunction?
This test is based on the 5-Item version of the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF-5), which is used worldwide to assess the level of erectile dysfunction in male patients. Now Pillwatch.com offers the self-diagnosis inter-active tool ...
Articles in this category:
Impotence Drugs and Nitrates Interaction: Employ the Safe Pleasure
A number of impotence drugs have been available on the market for some time now. Thanks to them millions of men can enjoy the pleasure of intimate relations and thus live a full life. Who knows, maybe these medications ...

PDE-5 or How to Control Aladdinís Genie
Any person, who read at least something about modern impotence pills, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, met a word combination ďPDE-5 inhibitionĒ in their description. It is widely known that all these drugs are PDE-5 ...

How Does Erection Occur and Why?
Nowadays every child, aged 10-11, knows what sex is. I would not say it is good, but it's certainly better than practicing sex at this age, knowing, actually, the word only and nothing else. Adults, on the other hand, ...

Strict Beliefs and Striking Facts
You know enough about your penis to use it. You hadnít paid much attention to his functioning since pubescence and had never bought special magazines for penis owners. Heís suits your body, your wife and your pants. ...

Types of Erectile Dysfunction
Wise men say that everything has its cause. To understand a cause of a problem, for example, means to be half way to its solution. In medicine this rule works perfectly; therefore, to understand a cause of a disease is ...

The Truth about Impotence and Diabetes
Impotence should not be perceived as another curse for people, suffering from diabetes. Inseparable bond between these two conditions is just one of many myths about male sexual disorder. Nowadays about 20 - 30 million ...

How to Live in the World Wrapped in the Cloak of Myths
Living in the world of myths is not that bad, I must say. We all would love spending a couple of minutes/hours/days in it now and again. I’m not saying that all the myths are damaging though. Some myths are ...
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Featured Article Manís Penis

You know enough about your penis to use it. You hadnít paid much attention to his functioning since pubescence and had never bought special magazines for penis owners. Heís suits ...
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