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Increasing Good Cholesterol

If a person has something valuable, something that makes his living better, more comfortable, easier, or joyful, it is not enough for him to just preserve that precious thing – he will definitely take infinite pains to augment it.

Similarly, we do our best to preserve our health, because though not all of us and not always state this aloud, everyone is nevertheless positive that health is our wealth, and it is the most precious and the most valuable thing we ever had or will ever have.

High-density lipoprotein is commonly known as “good cholesterol”, which is beneficial for the proper functioning of our body. No wonder, scientists and doctors thought it would be reasonable to increase its level in the blood stream.

Many years of studying and researching resulted in the development of a number of options, ways, and means to make the above mentioned idea come true.

Pillwatch.com category “Increasing Good Cholesterol” offers the site visitors a description of the most often used, popular, and easy methods of high-density lipoprotein increasing. Here you will find the information on the drugs, their mode of action, explanation of the side effects, and comparison of the most often prescribed medications.

Our quizzes will help you check your knowledge, as well as memory and attention, concerning these issues.

Knowledgeable people say that using the means described at Pillwatch.com one can not only preserve his health, but make it even better than it has been before. 

Medications related to Cholesterol:
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Niacin and Niaspan Quiz
The quiz below is made for the site visitors to be able to check their knowledge of Niaspan pills use, indications and contraindications, and niacin as dietary supplement.

Advicor Quiz
Nowadays, pharmaceutical industry offers medications, which can not only lower “bad” cholesterol level, but also increase the level of “good” cholesterol and fix the triglycerides levels. Advicor is one of such medications. It combines the power of ...
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Flushing Facts during Advicor and Niaspan Therapy
Any pharmaceutical drug is characterized by its ability to cause undesirable adverse reactions in patients. Although there can be many of them, varying in number and severity form person to person, some side effects ...

NiaSpan vs. Dietary Niacin
Vitamin B3, an element important for our bodies and health, is also known under the names niacin and nicotinic acid. Its proper amount consumption is necessary for preserving beautiful skin, healthy gastrointestinal ...

How can Niaspan Help to Prevent Heart Attack?
Perhaps, it is not a common knowledge, but many people who keep pace with time are aware of the fact that the lower bad cholesterol is, the lower is the risk of experiencing a number of cardiovascular diseases, heart ...

Advicor in Action
We are in the habit of saying that pharmaceutical drugs are powerful if they work effectively for many patients. Scientists do their best to increase the effectiveness of medications producing pills with the higher dose ...

Advicor General Information
A human body, as well as his character, is a combination of good and bad. If negative traits of one’s character overwhelm the positive ones, a person is said to be bad and is usually denounced by the society. If ...

Niacin and its Role in Managing Cholesterol.
Nicotinic acid or Niacin was first discovered from the oxidation of nicotine to form nicotinic acid. Commonly known as Niacin (do not be confused with nicotine) it is derived from three words: NI – from nicotinic, ...
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Featured Article Nicotinic Acid

Nicotinic acid or Niacin was first discovered from the oxidation of nicotine to form nicotinic acid. Commonly known as Niacin (do not be confused with nicotine) it is derived from ...
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