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Obesity Articles

Some people still think obesity is an esthetic problem. They are so much mistaken! Those who suffer from it know that this state makes not only the appearance ugly, but causes many health dangers as well.

Nowadays this problem pertains millions of people all around the world. If you are one of those who tries to avoid or overwhelm obesity, the information of the site will be of great use for you.

The difference between obesity and overweight; the main causes of obesity; its influence on humans’ health; ways of solving this problem; different kinds of diet – this and much more is available here.

We aim in giving you the most detailed information. We hope to improve your life.

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Articles in this category:
Sibutramin in Weight Loss Food Supplements – Risks and Benefits
Weight loss pills, as well as natural herbal food supplements, promoting weight loss, are always in demand on the market; especially today, when the amount of people, suffering from overweight and obesity grows ...

The Rise and Fall of Anti-obesity Acomplia
Millions of people worldwide were waiting in agitation for the new revolutionary anti-obesity drug in spring 2006 when the French company Sanofi-Aventis announced about the incoming promising results of the conducted ...

Revealing Acomplia Dangers
A person who likes to criticize and doubt everything, to analyze and deny a lot of things may be not such a mean one after all, as criticism begets an increased mental activity: it encourages to think, test, and afford ...

Weight Loss and Popular Myths
Weight loss is one of those things that are followed by various myths and false information. Actually weight loss is getting more and more popular over the globe, kicking such No.1 things as smoking, cancer and AIDS to ...

Obesity: Choice or Disease
Obesity is a huge problem that concerns people of all the countries and nations. According to the World Health Organization, it is now an epidemic, because globally about 250 million adults are obese. Furthermore, ...

Is it Possible to Lose Weight Quickly?
Have you ever seen a person who wanted to be fat? I doubt it. Extra weight causes nothing but a line of illnesses, discomfort, problems with private life and so on... Nevertheless we seldom take care of our weight until ...

Obesity in Women – Curse of our Days
Some time ago people around the world lived mainly in poverty. It was a usual thing to be underweight. Furthermore, people starved to death. Nowadays we are faced with quite an opposite process: hundreds of men and ...

Eating Disorders and how can Xenical help?
"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." La Rochefoucauld Eating is the essential part of any human being existence, because food is a source of all the nutritious elements and vitamins, necessary ...

Health Dangers of Obesity
Some people laugh saying that all the slim and well-shaped men and women are in the movies – all the rest are overweight. These days it does not seem so funny, on the contrary – it is a big problem for lots and lots of ...

What Is Obesity?
When we see a very fat person we often think: "Poor thing!" or "He (she) eats too much!" , or "My God! Look! He (she) is so big!" But do we understand how hard the life of such people is if we are not obese ourselves? I ...
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Featured Article Obesity in Women

Some time ago people around the world lived mainly in poverty. It was a usual thing to be underweight. Furthermore, people starved to death. Nowadays we are faced with quite an ...
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