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Parkinson General Overview

A human organism is not an everlasting “perpetum mobile”; nevertheless, it is an engine that is constantly on during its lifetime on Earth. The saying “movement is life” is so true about it. Activity, physical and mental, is everything for it. It is vital for everyone of us, especially in the modern world, which accelerates its speed day by day.

On the other hand, diseases, the destroyers of the human organism normal functioning, affect its ability to move along with all the other systems, organs, and parts trying to deactivate it much sooner than it is predetermined by destiny.

Parkinson’s is one of the conditions that target the property of the body to move. Developing invisibly, unnoticed and unhindered, progressing slowly and gradually, this movement disorder devours body’s ability to act and work, to walk and dance, to swim and drive, to move freely anywhere and anyhow a person wants.

Educate yourself on this health condition, its ways of changing the lives of the sufferers, its source and origin, its power of turning a human being into a puppet in order to be able to resist it, to keep it away for as long as possible, to drag it out of its ambush and suppress its power for at least some period of time on the way of waiting for the weapon strong enough to kill this beast.

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Parkinson, Alzheimer
Parkinson, Alzheimer
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