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At the dawn of human civilization, our ancestors looked rather different from what we are now. They had dense hair all over the body, which protected them in cold and severe environments.

But the evolution did its best in creating homo sapiens. While gaining the brain weight, people created buildings and clothes to protect themselves from uncomfortable environmental conditions. As a result, thick and dense hair all over the body lost its relevancy and became light, short and practically invisible.

The only place where people saved hair in its primeval beauty is scalp. Modern human beings pay much attention to hair, considering its esthetic function. Multiple shampoos, conditioners, lotions, balsams and the whole army of hair dressers exist to make hair even more beautiful and healthy. On the other hand, stresses, environmental pollutions and aging aim to destroy it.

That is why disorders with hair are treated as significant cosmetic problems not only by women but men as well. Male pattern baldness is the point of concern for millions of men worldwide.

But human beings are called homo sapiens not in vain. They learned to create problem solutions and Propecia is the brand new medication to treat male pattern baldness. It is safe, efficient, FDA approved and it is right for you if you are a man and if your scalp is going to join palms and feet in their baldness.

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Hair Loss
Hair Loss
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Featured Article Rogaine vs Propecia

Today we are living ingreat days - Days of Total Democracy. This notion concerns now not only politics or state government, it has penetrated almost into all spheres of modern ...
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