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Skin redness, itching, and scaling – the shock of noticing these signs will not pass soon for a knowledgeable and vulnerable person. The realizing strikes like a thunder: this is psoriasis. “So, this is that heavy burden I am doomed to feel on my shoulders; this is a cross I have to carry all my life!”

People are always despaired and broken on discovering they are ill; especially if their condition is life-long and there is no cure for it. Sufferings become twice as painful and awful if a patient knows: such disease as psoriasis cannot even be hidden from the others’ eyes. Lesions can be seen on the uncovered parts of the body. That means people will stare, be scared (“Perhaps, that is something contagious!” some will definitely think), and try to avoid a sufferer. Stress and embarrassment will accompany all his life.

Stop! No more painting pictures of the future with dark colors only. Maybe, there is still a hope. Perhaps, everything is not that bad. Probably, the information you have on psoriasis is not full, wrong, and one-sided.

Psoriasis Center on Pillwatch.com will help you see “the dark side of the Moon”, get the missing knowledge on psoriasis, and bring the light back into the life of all disappointed and frustrated.

Visit us – we give hope!

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Psoriatic Arthritis Quiz
Psoriasis is often accompanied with another very annoying disease – arthritis. Occurring together they acquired a name psoriatic arthritis. This quiz contains questions on the basic information and treatment options against this disorder.

Quiz On Psoriasis Triggers And Treatment Options
No doubt, it is very important for a sufferer to know the basic information of a disease he or she is affected with; however, everyday life shows that it is even more important to know the things, which can aggravate the condition. By avoiding those ...

Psoriasis Types
This quiz deals with a very complex and widely spread skin condition – psoriasis. Here you can test your knowledge of different types of this disease, as well as their most common features and symptoms.
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How can Taclonex help with Psoriasis
Psoriasis was identified as a disorder, affecting human skin, many centuries ago. Since then doctors are trying hard to find solution for the skin problem, called psoriasis. Though people have not ...

Practical Tips to Control Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a kind of a disease, which annoys and even tortures its sufferers lifelong. However, years of struggling with the disorder teach the patients to cope with and suppress flare-ups of this skin condition even ...

Several Approaches to the Treatment of Psoriasis
"The heartbreak of psoriasis" is the phrase that is often said to describe the disease of psoriasis. It has both serious and ironical meanings. Though there is little irony in the disease that changes a ...

Psoriatic Arthritis Overview
It would be so good if people knew no diseases! They would be able to work better, entertain themselves more often, and live richer life then. Unfortunately, reality is different: besides the problems we are faced with ...

Triggers of Psoriasis
Talking about people and illnesses, it is reasonable to divide patients into two categories, according to the attitude to their diseases. Those, belonging to the first category, talk about the pitiable state of their ...

Why does Psoriasis Develop?
Our life definitely consists of paradoxes: the older, more common, and familiar the thing is, the less scientific knowledge we have about it. For example, psoriasis is one of the oldest skin conditions, described by ...

Psoriasis General Information
Estimated 7.5 million people in the United States suffer from a condition called psoriasis, 10-15% of those are children under 10. Quite a great number of cases (about 20%) range from moderate to severe. The disease is ...
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Featured Article Psoriatic Arthritis Overview

It would be so good if people knew no diseases! They would be able to work better, entertain themselves more often, and live richer life then. Unfortunately, reality is different: ...
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