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One of the biggest troubles for the teenagers is the disfiguring disorder of the facial skin connected with the age transformations. Pimples and blackheads cause negative attitudes and produce complexes. But the person is growing up, those things go away and low self-esteem disappears. Sometimes when an individual approaches his 40s and 50s, there is a risk to get back to that unpleasant feeling when you are embarrassed of your face. This risk is higher for the fair-skinned people who easily blush, women in their menopausal period and is called rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic dermatologic disease that affects facial skin and adjacent areas (nose, ears and eyes). Depending on the stage of this dermatologic condition a person may experience various symptoms – from flushing caused by dilated blood vessels to the roughness and thickness of the skin and eye inflammation (that is when the disease is not checked and properly treated on the earlier stages). Those are accompanied by the pimples filled with pus (papules and pustules), skin burning, swelling, irritation and bumps on the skin, resembling acne. But apparently, one of the most unpleasant symptoms is the emotional discomfort caused by these features.

The further browsing of this site will give you answers on some questions as for rosacea symptoms, treatment options and what not.

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Once you face Rosacea (and it is literary said), you’ll put all your forces to fight it – this unpleasant disease marks the face with redness, flushing, pimples and bumps, ...
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