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A human body. A watch. At first sight they seem to be absolutely different. Do not jump to the conclusions. In many aspects these two things have much in common. They both consist of a great number of equally important parts. Only together they can function properly. A disorder of the single tiniest part puts out of action the whole system. Imagine the consequences of a disorder of the greater parts!

I claim skin of the human body to be one of those greater parts which play vitally important roles in the life and functioning of the whole organism. It helps us feel the environment; it allows us interact with it safely; it protects us from the potential danger; furthermore, it lets us enjoy the environment.

With the help of the skin we can feel the blowing of the fresh spring wind; the cool ocean water on the coast in the hot summer day.

Skin lets us feel touching and caress.

Do not let pleasure be spoiled. Find out how to take care of your skin in this section of the site. Learn how to remain beautiful and attractive. Learn how to gain and give pleasure of touching.

Medications related to Skin Care:
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Skin Care
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Featured Article Skin Moisturizers

Skin is the largest organ of the human body that performs several important functions. It protects us from the external environment, regulates our body temperature, provides ...
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