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Eyes are what we first pay attention to when meeting a person. They can tell us much about our interlocutor. Happiness and frustration, benevolence and anger, vitality and tiredness – everything a man feels can be seen there.

Skin is what we touch. Soft and tender, it makes us want to feel it again; rough and shaggy, it may signify that a person lives in the harsh conditions; affected with a skin disease, it may provoke some people turn away with disgust.

Have you ever been mistreated because of the state of your skin? Have you ever been embarrassed to wear décolleté or short-sleeved clothes? Do you know how it feels to catch somebody staring at you?

If you have, if you do, if you still suffer from any skin disease, the stories of our visitors will, probably, help you overcome the embarrassment and low self-esteem and find the support of people, who understand your feelings. At least, you will make sure you are not the only one, who has to carry the heavy cross of problematic skin.

If you belong to those lucky, whose skin is in the perfect condition; if you happened to at least once offend and humble a person because of his or her skin, Pillwatch.com Skin Stories will give you the opportunity to learn the feelings of those humiliated. They are the same people as you are; they also deserve respect, understanding and friendship.

Read their stories. Learn their lives.

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My Most Unlucky Date
All my failures were accompanied with rain. When I broke my leg in childhood, it was raining. When I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago, it also rained. And I have a lot of such examples.  As I've ...

How I Proved My Love
It's a funny story; my girlfriend becomes angry when she hears it, but still I'm going to tell you it.It happened several years ago - I fell in love. The girl was too beautiful to be mine, but I was, perhaps, too lucky ...

Not Friends With The Sun
Every spring I prepare myself for a beach season: buy a new sexy swimsuit, sunglasses, beach towel, go in for fitness, and so on. Every summer I soothe myself repeating that a lot of people have the same ...

The Pimple's Bad Habit
It always happens when you needn’t it at all! It happens every time when you want and, in fact, must be the most beautiful! The doctors say it's because of my nervousness. I mean pimples - actually one pimple, in ...

Where Love Comes From?
Kelly and I were always friends. Actually, we still are. By the way, my name is Lora. I am 30 now, the same as my friend. We both have families and caring husbands. However, the fact that we are married seems to be ...

Painting as the Way to Cope With Herpes
Nobody wants to be discriminated. We fight against racism; struggle for the equal rights of men and women; learn to sympathize with the victims of HIV. We try to be humanistic in the fundamental things, forgetting, at ...

How We Become Grown Up
Do you know what awkward age is? To put it in simple words, it is such a period in teenagers life, when their bodies become adult. This process is often accompanied with acne appearance, especially in the case with ...

Facial Hair in Women: Confession
This is a fairy-tale with an unhappy ending. It is the strange fairy-tale… Unfortunately, it is far from being weird that our life stories have bad endings. This is the truth of our life that there are good and bad ...

The Coolest Guy in The Crowd
Problematic skin? No, it's not about me. I don't have such problems and I never had. However, my younger cousin has. He always had problems with skin, especially on his face. When he was 14 my aunt thought it would ...

Distrust Breaks Friendship
“Homo sapiens” we proudly call ourselves. Yeah, we certainly won’t die of shyness. I wonder whether any other creature in the Universe would call us this way. Hardly, I would say. No other living being makes so many ...

Where To Look For a Husband
My name is Jennifer; I'm 29 years old. I've been married for 9 years. To tell the truth, I'm very happy to be his wife, especially now when we are preparing to become parents. Though, there were times when I suffered ...

Acne Cannot Change Destiny’s Ways
“Appearances are deceitful,” so a well-known saying states. Have you ever noticed how true and really wise folk wisdom, actually, is? People could always find and stress the most essential part, the core of any thing. ...
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Featured Article
Featured Article Distrust Breaks Friendship

“Homo sapiens” we proudly call ourselves. Yeah, we certainly won’t die of shyness. I wonder whether any other creature in the Universe would call us this way. Hardly, I would say. ...
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