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Our life seems so short, especially, when it is happy. No one wants to lose a single moment of felicity, to miss a thing, which brings joy. However, in order to be able to enjoy all those happy moments, everyone must have a break at least for one, but vitally important thing. It is sleep.

We cannot lead a normal, full, active life without having proper rest at night. Lack of this rest will definitely cause physical exhaustion and fatigue, psychological stress and depression, and, as the result, worsening of a person's health and slowing of the life-rhythm. Those, who suffer from bad quality night sleep and its consequences, will surely agree with this statement.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many options (medicinal and non-medicinal) to improve the restful sleep. If you are not aware of this, or want to know more about sleep medications, mechanisms of their action, differences between various groups of drugs, their side effects and undeniable advantages, you are at the right place. Besides, here you will find interesting, up-to-date, easy to perceive, and useful information about the new medications and the latest scientific inventions in the sphere of sleep aid.

The sleep quality of those, who would like to avoid taking pills, can be improved by a number of non-medicinal tips, described at this section.

Except for… you will not fall asleep, while surfing Pillwatch.com!

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Sleep Aid
Sleep Aid
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Featured Article Restoril to Restore Healthy Sleep

For some people a sleepless night may seem a perfect chance and a good time to do some things a person did not manage to do during the daytime: to work, to study, or just to read ...
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