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There are so many enigmas and secrets in out life; so many fields, where we have more questions than knowledge and answers. However, every day step by step scientists get closer to the comprehension of this or that mystery. They work hard; they do their best for us to be able to lead a better and more comfortable life. Very often they do their job for us to just be able to live.

One of the spheres, where science makes its way through the deep forest of riddles, is sleep. Here seems to work the rule of Aristotle: “the more I know, the more I do not know”. Some people may suggest sleep is a partial loss of conscience, others think it is a half death. Of course, we can develop different theories; however, at least one thing is out of questions: sleep is vitally important. It is the way to restore our strength, to renew the powers; it is one of the sources to live the next day.

Nevertheless, there are many situations, where to know all the said above is not enough. In order to learn everything that scientists have discovered for the moment about sleep, visit Sleep at a Glance category at Pillwatch.com

The nature of sleep, our bodies’ reaction to it, its stages, different sleep disorders, their consequences and impact on our lives – everything can be found within one web resource.

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In an old fairy tale one poor but wise man was asked "What is the most precious in the world?" The man answered “Sleep. There is nothing better than a sound sleep". And he was ...
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