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Smoking Background

In spite of the fact that every pack of cigarettes contains a note, warning people about terrible danger smoking may bring to their lives, tobacco still remains among the most consumed products in the world.

Nowadays the efforts of multiple anti-smoking organizations are aimed at the educational aspect of the fighting with nicotine addiction. Pillwatch.com, being a web-resource to answer the questions on health issues, which are not so easy to discuss with a doctor or a friend, cannot skip the problem of smoking.

The articles in Stop Smoking Background category are addressed to all the visitors: smokers, non-smokers and those, who are willing to quit the habit. “Smoking Background” aims at giving the answers in an easy-to-read manner to such questions as: "What does smoking actually do to my organism?", “Why is smoking addictive?” and “Why is it easier to start smoking than to quit it?”

The articles below are created not so much to persuade smokers in the necessity of smoking cessation, as to give people enough proven and understandable information about smoking and its actual influence on human organism. Pillwatch.com gives the information for everyone to be able to evaluate all the pros and contras and find his own solution of the dilemma “To smoke or not to smoke”.

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Articles in this category:
Smoking and Women's Health. So What Do We Have Here?
It is hard now to trace the moment when a woman first lit and took a cigarette in her mouth. It is even more difficult to trace the smoking habit phenomenon among women. Maybe it happened with an emancipation break ...

My Dog Doesn't Smoke
I'm a bachelor. Also I live in a tiny apartment I have a dog. She hates cigarettes smoke and smokers in general. Since I am… well, actually, I used to be, a smoker too, I was not exclusion. However, I did not notice my ...

Wherefrom the Legs of Smoking Dangers Grow
Striking statistics and endless lists of dangers of smoking still can’t make less the number of deliberate self-murderers. Good advertisement and wide popularization of tobacco products force approximately 90 000 kids ...

What Is Secondhand Smoke and Why Is It Dangerous?
We all know that smoking is dangerous. They say a drop of nicotine can kill a horse not to mention a human being. But without knowing the facts and going deeper into the problem it can sound really abstract. All the ...

Smoking: Why is it Addictive and What can Help Quit?
There are so many articles, books, booklets, scientific manuscripts and other agitational materials, written about the harmful influence of smoking, that it seems impossible for a man to withstand such informative ...

Good Reasons to Stop Smoking
Are you a smoker? Did you ever think of quitting? Come on, be honest! Exactly how many times did you try to stop? Let’s talk about it, and I’ll try to give you some valid reasons why you should really give up smoking ...

Smoking Remains the Global Killer?
Earth is a battlefield; life is a struggle. We fight to achieve our goals, aims in life; to gain money, social status; to give birth to our offsprings; to get knowledge; to become famous… Fate is unpredictable and mean. ...

Smoking and Advertising – the Fighting between Good and Evil
Advertising as the part of marketing science and the main mean to bring together products and potential customers is undoubtedly useful thing. But can advertising impact our lives in some negative manner, bringing ...

Why People Do Not Quit Smoking
It’s a pity that people nowadays, facing the choice whether to start smoking or not for the first time, do not behave like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, languishing in answering the Sacral Question of all times and people: "To ...

Does Smoking Influence Potence?
Though everyone knows that smoking is harmful for one's health, thousands of people all over the world smoke different kinds of cigarettes or cigars. It wouldn't be so horrific if these people were only male. But the ...
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Featured Article Smoking Remains the Global Killer?

Earth is a battlefield; life is a struggle. We fight to achieve our goals, aims in life; to gain money, social status; to give birth to our offsprings; to get knowledge; to become ...
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