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Medicine against Smoking

A cigarette is like a dress of your best friend’s wife: the shorter it is, the closer you are to the trouble. Both attract, seduce and promise pleasure. Anyway, it is only a myth; reality is absolutely different. Both can ruin your life.

If you smoke, you are one step closer to the disaster. Read our articles and you will believe it.

If you already made up your mind to quit, read our articles and they will help you do it faster and easier.

If you are worried about the health of the persons you love, read our articles and discover how to protect them.

If you have a temptation to start smoking, read our articles and they will persuade you that in this situation to yield a temptation is the worst way possible.

The truth is that very few people nowadays truly understand all the potential dangers the cigarette can bring into our lives. The majority of us do not realize that active and passive smoking is equally harmful.

To understand the problem is to have half of the work done. Read our articles and you will be half way to life free of cigarettes.

Medications related to Stop Smoking:
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Articles in this category:
How to Cut Expenses while Quitting Smoking wth Zyban?
Originally invented in 1969, the medication called bupropion was primarily used as the antidepressant. By the way, bupropion, marketed by GlaxoSmithKline under the brand-name Wellbutrin, has always been a pretty good ...

Chantix – the Miracle Cure or Hidden Threat
With more than 4 million prescriptions in the USA and over $880 million sales in 2007, Chantix, being a new molecular entity specifically designed by Pfizer scientists to treat nicotine addition, has made a kind of ...

How to Make the Most of Chantix?
It has already passed almost 2 years since the date of approval of Chantix – the first medication from Pfizer, specifically designed to treat smoking. Since then the perception of Chantix by experts and wide ...

Quitting Smoking with Nicotine Inhaler
In spite of risk to change one kind of dependence to another, using nicotine replacement products, it’s really popular way to quit smoking. “Clean” nicotine (without the tar and carbon monoxide) delivered to the ...

Nicotine Gums for Stopping Smoking
As nicotine addiction is strong and difficult to break people began to seek for ways to lighten the procedure of quitting smoking. As a rule there were attempts to solve physiological aspect of smoking by delivery of ...

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Nicotine Patches
“Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it’s the best thing smokers can do for their health” - these true words reflect thoughts of almost all smokers that usually don’t move to the practice of quitting. Lack of desire, weak ...

Chantix – the Newest Pill to Quit Smoking
Good news came from Pfizer Inc. for all those smokers, who understand the necessity of quitting this harmful habit, but cannot do this because of withdrawal symptoms that do not let a person out of nicotine addiction. ...

Smoking: Why is it Addictive and What can Help Quit?
There are so many articles, books, booklets, scientific manuscripts and other agitational materials, written about the harmful influence of smoking, that it seems impossible for a man to withstand such informative ...

How a New Name Can Push an Old Product Name
To give different brand names to actually the same product is the usual and rather popular marketing policy. For example, it can be done to customize the names to speech habits in certain countries, where the product is ...

A Journey to the “Quit Smoking” Point
I am not going to continue all the endless tirades about the harmful influence of smoking on human organism, I would like to address this article to those smokers, who have already made the decision to get rid of the ...

How to Give Up Smoking?
If you smoke and want to give up, you, certainly, know how harmful for your health smoking is. Perhaps, smoking has already borne its first fruits. In the given case the word "fruits" does not mean apples or bananas ...

How does Zyban Work?
Have you ever caught yourself on a thought that sometimes we are deeply interested in how certain things work and sometimes we are absolutely indifferent to the basic principles of other things’ functioning? For ...
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Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking
Featured Article
Featured Article Quit Smoking Point

I am not going to continue all the endless tirades about the harmful influence of smoking on human organism, I would like to address this article to those smokers, who have ...
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