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Warts, Moles, Corns

Warts, moles, corns or calluses – these are different kinds of formations on human skin, which are usually considered to be minor health problems, at least at first sight. Some of them are caused by virus, like warts; others are caused by excessive pressure applied to some skin area, for example, foot corns or calluses; and others, like moles, may follow us from the first day of our life and remain on the body lifelong without causing any problems.

By the way, moles may even be treated as a sign of beauty – some women even paint “artificial” moles to be more attractive. However, under certain circumstances these very moles can turn into a real health problem, called melanoma or skin cancer. That is why any of the skin formations should not be treated thoughtlessly.

This section at Pillwatch.com reveals interesting and important data on skin formations, which may seem to be harmless at the first glance; however, once left without proper attention, they may turn into serious health problems.

Since medical information may sometimes be quite dull, the authors of Pillwatch.com did their best to make the articles interesting and amusing for reading. Besides, we have some quizzes, which will help you check your own knowledge of basic facts on particular health issues. 

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Quiz on Moles and Melanomas
Moles may seem to be easy to study and research they are on the skin surface, visible and accessible. Still, scientists have not yet discovered all their secrets and many questions remain without answers. You may test yourself with the help of the ...
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Moles and Melanomas: Risks and Prevention
A lot of work has been done by the scientists since 1787, the year when the first case of surgical removal of the metastatic malignant melanoma was done. These days doctors know much more about the ...

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Genital warts – little rough tumor on your skin in the genital area – can’t be self-treated, as they are considered to be sexually transmitted disease (Condyloma ...

How Warts Can be Treated
You have at least three reasons for treating your warts. First, they can be rather bothersome, especially in places that you touch often or on your feet (they can even bleed if bumped ...

Warts Basic Information
You know this little hard tumor that you have had on your hand or leg somewhere in your childhood (or even now). Warts! Everybody knows it, everybody’s seen it and ...
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Featured Article Salicylic Acid to Eliminate Warts

The boy is running as fast as he can. No wonder: his life is on the stake. If a giant dragon catches the poor little child he will have no mercy for ...
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