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A Cheer-up Letter

Living a life in constant battle against a disease seems to be so unfair. It takes the strength and will away, exhausts mind and body. Living a life where disease is the only company, definitely, seems to be even more unfair. In fact, loneliness is much worse than any disease. Overcoming the problems is twice as difficult, achieving the set goals brings no pleasure... Life makes no sense if one is on his own.


I am not much of a poet, but I wrote these with all my heart wishing everybody suffering from erectile dysfunction to always have someone to talk to, someone who will understand everything without words and explanations, someone to count on in the worst days of the life.


He longs for love

He’s full of passion

Sex and desire are his obsession

The man can’t satisfy his lust

And treats himself with deep disgust.


His soul’s alive

But body’s week

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And loneliness is what he’ll seek

The thing he hates is the disease,

Which causes pain nothing can ease.


His lover’s gone

He’s in depression:

His own body is out of his possession.

For once he used to be a real man

Disease won’t let him be the one again.


As soon as man

Began to moan

As Aphrodite our of the foam

Returned the lover back to man

With magic blue pills in her hand.


The male body

Can be treated

The drug is here –disease defeated

The most important thing for sure

He’s got the one his soul to cure.

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