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A Way to Depression

If there is a person in the world who perfectly knows the earliest signs and the shortest way to depression, that would be me.

Though I was lucky enough to avoid the acute form of this disease, I definitely know how bad it feels, and surely, I greatly sympathize with all the people who suffer from it.

Early spring and late autumn weather always seems so depressing; moreover, this is the best time for such diseases as cold and flu. Seeing people suffering from runny nose or fever, sneezing or coughing may significantly lower anyone’s spirits; experiencing them inevitably results in bad mood, at least for me.

So, it started as the ordinary flu with the most pronounced symptom – being sick all over. Rushing for the medicine kit to kill the beast as soon as possible, before it spreads his ugly wings, I could not even imagine what the battle with high temperature and shivers would turn into.

To start with, I discovered that the package with the pills, which work for me best, was empty. I had no way out than to take some other tablets, which were supposed to be even better and raspberry-flavored or something like that.

Several hours later (they seemed incredibly long for me as I hate feeling sick and being unable to do anything - you know, I am a very active person and staying in bed all day long is not a pleasure, but an absolute necessity for me), so, a few hours later I noticed no relief. Moreover, other symptoms, in no way easier than fever, I mean nausea and vomiting, were added to the existing one. Diarrhea was to crown my misfortunes.

Maybe my mind got muddy because of high temperature, or simply because of staying in bed wasting time and doing nothing, to put it short, I decided that I got pregnant. The symptoms (nausea and vomiting) were obvious. I started counting, and concluded that I was late with my periods. What about fever? Who knows, maybe all the hormonal changes and so on may result in high temperature…

Pregnancy and a baby positively were out of my plans for the nearest future. I panicked, which, I think, would be a natural reaction of any single woman under the circumstances.

Though the symptoms I described above did not let me stay in bed for a long time any more, I nonetheless found time to think of the pregnancy, way out, about my future, my plans, my work, my life, my everything! My burning with fever mind painted me the pictures I did not like in any way. I could not think reasonably, I could not find the way out. In short, a deep, dark, suffocating cloud of depression was approaching me. I could practically physically feel it.

I will never forget those feelings. I was like a little child pressed to the wall facing something terrible. It seemed there would be no rescue. However, the latter appeared two days later. It came in the shape of my boyfriend. First of all, he did his best to soothe my jangled nerves (though it hardly worked) and secondly he went to the pharmacy to buy me fever-lowering pills and a pregnancy test.

Definitely, everything cleared up as the test proved to be negative and the other symptoms of flu (cough and sore throat) became more obvious. Only then I understood that the symptoms I traced to the pregnancy were, actually, the signs of allergy to the pills I took to reduce fever.

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Just think, the pills I turned out to be allergic to had nearly brought me to the edge of severe depression!

You know, I do not do the story-telling, but what I try to say is that no problem is worthy of taking it too close to the heart. Panicking and getting depressed will only make it all worse. It will prevent you from thinking clearly and finding a solution to the problem. Moreover, sometimes problems vanish on their own, it just takes some time. So, we all should be patient and let life take its own course.

The only rule we should stick to is “A lot of things depend on me, so I will not let a small problem turn into a huge one”.


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