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Abortion: pros and cons

Abortion has been known since ancient times. It wasn't widely practiced because it was banned. Nowadays more and more women resort to abortion even in countries where it is illegal. It has become a serious problem for all countries because people's opinions are devided into: pros and cons.

Let's clear up this situation. Generally, abortion can be spontaneous and induced. Spontaneous abortion occurs because of some disease, accident, hormonal imbalance or even smoking. But in most cases it happens not at a woman's wish. Induced abortion is the ending of pregnancy by deliberate removing the fetus from the woman's body.

Some people think that abortion must be banned because it is, in fact, the murder of a baby, so it's a crime. The church is also against abortion as well as against a murder. Besides, any kind of abortion injures a woman's organism. But others believe that a woman should have an unrestricted right to an abortion because it concerns only her body, her health and her baby. So people disagree on these two points.

That's why in different countries exist different laws about abortion. In some countries it is allowed only under certain circumstances: if a woman's life is in danger, if a child is sure to be born unhealthy, if a pregnancy is the result of raping or something like that. In other countries it is completely illegal or vice versa. By the way, for the first time induced abortion became legal all over the world in 1791 and only until 1810.

If a woman wants to have an abortion she should know the following. There are several abortion methods and they differ according to the term of pregnancy mostly. The easiest of them is medicomental, with the help of special tablets, which should be taken by a patient during 2 hours under the doctor's control. This method of abortion may be used only till the 8th week of pregnancy.

The most modern method is vacuum aspiration. It's a little bit more difficult and may be used till the 5th week of pregnancy only. In some unsuccessful cases (rare) the pregnancy may continue after it.

The next method is a real surgical operation... for those who were sleeping and suddenly awoke being pregnant the 3rd month! What were you dreaming about these 3 months? It's no good to have such a late abortion as it may have serious side effects for your health.

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And the last method is not recommended at all but can be used....in a state of emergency. For example, when the term of pregnancy is over 12 weeks and suddenly it comes out that the baby has serious mental or physical defects (or that a woman's life is endangered by her pregnancy). In such cases "artificial labor" is used. It is done usually with the help of special liquid that makes the fetus die and pass from his mother's body.

Every woman should know that any abortion brings emotional, physical and mental harm to her. And what to say about the baby? It was proved by the scientists that this little creature feels pain during the abortion. Dear women, don't listen to anybody, make your own decision! Remember: there's always a way out. First of all they are your babies, little parts of yourselves that need to be protected by their mommies. Are you really so cruel to kill them?


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