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How to Prevent and Treat Cold Sores?

Herpes of any type is a virus which will stay in your ganglion forever and sometimes may "go out for a walk" along any part of your body (usually genitals or somewhere on your face). How often it may happen depends on a lot of things. But in most cases recurrences (virus's attacks) happen because of: immunity reduction, wrong treatment or injury of any part of the skin.

I think it isn't necessary to describe how each recurrence goes on (you'll no doubt recognize it). I'll just add that the 1st attack of this virus is the most painful and the longest one. All others are not so serious.

The first thing you should remember is that herpes of any type can't be cured completely. That's why any remedy that guarantees a complete recovering is a great nonsense! Don't waist your money and time on it.

However, there are such remedies which can help you relieve and lessen the number of recurrences. Among them very popular and effective are: Aciclovir, Zovirax, Immunal and Valtrex. These preparations are represented as tablets, cream and ampules and are used according to the doctor's prescription.

The second thing you should know is that it's impossible to struggle with herpes without visiting a doctor at all. I doubt that you can determine the type of the virus and the necessary remedy (which is individual for each organism) by yourself correctly. Therefor, during the first attack of herpes you should consult the doctor. And further on, if anything goes wrong (for example: if recurrences become more frequent or if the virus has changed the place of its manifestation) you should also visit the doctor, but not follow your neighbour's advice, even if she/he has this virus too.

The third rule concerns your private hygiene during each recurrence. Try to avoid touching the infected places (lips, nose, tongue, chin, genitals...), if it happened wash your hands immediately with hot water and soap. There is no need to clean everything you touch during each recurrence because the virus doesn't live more than several seconds in the environment.

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Try not to kiss anyone having herpes of the 1st type (which occurs on the face, mostly on lips) and not to make sex of any kind having herpes of the 2nd type (genital herpes). I mean during the attacks of these types of herpes, but not the whole life, of course!

Finally, if you do have this virus try to avoid factors which may cause its next attack. Don't practice self-cure, try not to catch cold, if you have the 1st type herpes you shouldn't make lips tattoo or piercing of any part of the face, avoid depression, stress and anything which may reduce your immunity.

Though herpes is not cured, there's no need for panic. If you follow the doctor's (and ours) recommendations correctly you may reduce the number of virus's recurrences till one per 2 years, so they won't trouble you much.


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