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Naked Truth about Alesse Contraceptive

Since even the most advanced and brand new contraceptives do not give 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, no one can guarantee that the night of fabulous sex with a woman of your dream is not finished with realizing the fact that you joined those 0.001% of lucky people, who provide negative statistics to the birth control methods.

After understanding that your condom failed or that your partner forgot to take the pill and the night of fabulous sex may result in conceiving a new citizen for Earth planet, you have two ways out: either to be a noble man and marry the girl, or to be a knowledgeable man and find out as much as possible about what techniques of pregnancy protection can be applied before, during and after sex.

It is a pity that this article can hardly make someone a noble man, but it can surely help to become a knowledgeable one. Speaking about contraceptives, we will put aside such methods, as abstinence, because it protects not only from pregnancy, but from sex as well, or sterilization, because it leaves people no chance to change their mind and conceive a baby in future; we will talk about Alesse, an example of rather safe, quite effective, and very easy-to-use tool to prevent the stork from visiting your house.

To introduce Alesse in simple words, it should be noted that this is the hormonal birth control pill for women (hey, men, do not be in a hurry to stop reading, because birth control is not the situation, where you can completely rely on women:)

So, Alesse is a set of 21 pink and 7 green pills in a rather cute and functional package. Each pink pill contains levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, the female hormones, which prevent ovulation (the release of an egg from ovaries) and change the cervical mucous, so that it turns into a real outpost, keeping millions of sperms out of their target. Green pills are, in fact, placebo, which does nothing but reminds women that menstruation is one of the features, distinguishing female organism from that of a male.

In order to be protected from such consequence of sexual relations as pregnancy, a woman should take one Alesse pill daily for 21 days. Taking 7 green pills is necessary to maintain regular cycles: the menstruation usually begins, when a woman takes these pills-reminders.

Alesse, being one of the hormonal methods of contraception, is very effective, though it is very important for a woman to take pills regularly and strictly in accordance with doctor’s instructions and the info, supplied with the medication.

Now I would like to draw the attention of men, reading this article. The following information can be very helpful: it may help you not only sparkle with wit, but even save the situation, when one morning you understand that sex, you had at night was not only fabulous, but unprotected as well.

Alesse can be used as the emergency contraceptive. It means that a woman can take the pills after sex and still prevent pregnancy. For that purpose, 5 pink pills should be taken by a woman (not by a man) within 120 hours after the romantic night and 5 more pills 12 hours later. This pattern of Alesse usage is said to help a woman avoid unwanted pregnancy, as well as to help a man postpone his acquaintance with the future mother-in-law.

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Finally, a couple of words should be said about the safety of the medication. Just like many other hormonal contraceptives, Alesse is not ideal from the standpoint of its safety. It does have side effects; taking Alesse may cause irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting, some allergic reactions, swelling of fingers or ankles due to the fluid retention, or even spotty darkening of the skin. However, the most common side effects are considered to be nausea, headache, nervousness, depression, and loss of appetite (I think that you will agree with me, that the unplanned pregnancy may sometimes lead to far more serious symptoms than nausea or headache).

Finally, remember that conceiving a child is a miracle... However, miracles do happen, especially when the unprotected sex took place. So, if you want to conceive a baby in the right time and with the right person, keep contraceptives not only in your mind, but in your pocket (or in the purse of your girl:)


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