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Alternative Contraception: From Ovulation Method To Fertility Computers

Pillwatch.com gives a lot of information on modern and up-to-date birth control methods, having medical background. But getting acquaintance only with this type of birth controlling is like being on the wedding party, but not dancing with a bride. In both cases the experience will not be complete. This article is called to fix this situation.

Did you ever think about how people postponed the pregnancy before the invention of latex condom and Ortho-tri-cycle? “By no means” is the answer of pessimists. “They avoided sex when they did not plan a child” is the answer of optimists. And only the well-informed realists know that there have always been certain birth control methods, based on understanding of female fertility.

Alternative methods, such as basal temperature method, ovulation method and even the high-tech fertility computers are based on calculating and defining days, when a woman is fertile or able to get pregnant. If you know these days, everything you have to do to is to avoid sex during these days, all the other time you can enjoy sex without any artificial mediators.

So, how do all these work? It is known that a woman’s life consists of cycles from one menstruation to the other one. People found out that a woman is fertile not during this whole period, but only 5 days before and 3 days after the ovulation.

Ovulation is a time when an egg comes out from a female ovaries and walks down to uterus. If this egg meets a spermatozoid during its way, a woman will get pregnant most likely.

Accordingly, if we know when the ovulation begins and when it finishes, we will know when sex is safe and when it is better to use a condom. All the fertility awareness methods of birth control aim to define the ovulation period, basing on certain changes in female body during this period.

Basal Temperature Method – to use it, a woman should check her temperature every morning during a couple of months and keep a graph record of the temperature changes. The period when the body temperature drops and at once rises for about one degree Fahrenheit is the beginning of your ovulation period.

Ovulation Method – it is probably the most delicate approach to the fertility awareness. It is also called a cervical mucus method, because it is based on studying and observing the mucus – a substance within a vagina, assisting the sperm to live inside a female body and to fertilize an egg. When ovulation begins this substance becomes clear, slippery and very stretchy, similar to a raw egg white. So, to estimate this method a women should check her cervical mucus every day to note all the changes in its color and consistence.

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Fertility Computers – the 20th century and particularly the 21st is impossible with computers. They are everywhere and it looks like very soon even the sexual relationships between people will be controlled by computers. The first step towards such prospect has already been made with the invention of fertility computers. These are electronic devices, checking the body temperature and/or making the urine test and telling a woman if she is fertile or not.

Finally, I have to add a little bit of reality. All the above described methods can hardly compete with a condom or birth control pills because they are all time and effort consuming. Besides, women have always been unpredictable as well as their organisms.


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