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Atkins Controversial Diet

Since the time of Galilei and Copernic, Atkins is probably the most prominent scientist, who made other researchers argue, dispute and almost fight to prove their points of view. Thank God now we do not burn the scientists, whose discoveries we do not trust.

The battle started in 1972 with the appearance of Atkins Diet Plan, which was supposed to help people suffering from heart diseases loose their weight very quickly. In all the times we believed that excessive fat-food eating is the main reason of obesity. Therefore all the diets were low-fat and high-carbohydrate (less meat, more fruits and vegetables).

Dr. Robert Atkins decided to fight fat with fat. Patients could eat as much meat (preferably red), eggs or cheese as they wanted, but they were restricted in breads, macaronis, fruits and vegetables.

The scientific base of the diet is simple. Our body gains energy from fat and carbohydrate. At the same time, organic fat needs more energy to be digested in the stomach and turned into energy again. Therefore, the more fat we eat, the more fat we burn. As a result, the less fat remains in the body.

Dr. Atkins was also sure that the diet could help in improving the memory and fighting heart diseases. Furthermore, he supposed it could manage many other health problems: headaches, blood sugar disorders, slow or sluggish metabolism, allergies and so on.

Millions of people have successfully lost weight and overwhelmed heart diseases with the help of Atkins diet since 1972. What makes it even more attractive is that patients do not starve all the time. We all know that the rest of the diets have hunger as a permanent companion.

It seems everything is good: diet is effective and people solve their problems. Slow down now. Till the beginning of the 21 century none of the official health organizations supported Dr. Atkins. All the scientists’ conclusions were unanimous: the diet changes body metabolism abnormally and raises cholesterol in many patients, sometimes to the dangerous degree. They also raised questions about the diet’s harmful influence on kidneys, heart and other organs.

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Only with the beginning of the third millennium, some researchers decided to study low-carbohydrate high-fat and protein diets more precisely. They made some short-term trials with the obese people and all of them proved that this type of diets helps loose weight rapidly without raising blood cholesterol.

This gives hope to Atkins Diet Plan, though more studies are needed for it to be approved officially.

Nowadays the conclusions and thoughts of various scientists differ categorically. The main stumbling stone is the influence of the long-term dieting on our bodies, which is not deeply studied.

My personal point of view is that everything is good when we do not cross the borders of the sound mind. We should rather be clever and think twice before doing something, because health is not what we can easily put on a stake.


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