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Baldness is Not a Flaw

“Silly hair leaves smart head” – if this saying does not console you and you still want to get clear of this sign of wit, don’t hesitate to try something new. And don’t be desperate if months of lotions with yolks and herbs by granny’s formula did not make a desired result; scientific progress will amaze you and your hair will be as thick and strong as in your youth (or even better).

It is common to regard Propecia as medicine which does this miracle with your weak hair. Statistics says that 66% of men regrew their hair with the help of Propecia. But the percentage of those who really know how it works I think much lower. You’ll be one of them if finish reading.

The prevailing cause of hair loss is the result of union of chemical with long name dihydrotestosteron (or short DHT) with the receptors of the follicles. DHT appear in the body by conversion of testosterone. And Propecia just prevents this conversion in addition to stimulation of resting hair follicles to grow. As a result scalp coverage improves after nearly three months of taking the medicine.

And a few words about side effects of Propecia which may occur. Less than 2% of men who take Propecia mention such changes of sexual function as less desire for sex, erectile dysfunction, or a decrease in the amount of semen. Testicular pain and hypersensitivity may be also the results of taking this medicine. And one more thing: if you are going to take a blood test called PSA (prostate-specific antigen) keep in mind that Propecia may affect the results.

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To achieve the best result it is better to employ complex therapy: 1. Reduce the formation of DHT with finasteride (chemical name of Propecia) 2. Inhibit already mentioned union of DHT with receptors of the follicles (spironolactone or Revivogen will help you to cope with this task) 3. Use some “growth stimulator” like SOD or Remox.

But if your hair still shows undisguised reluctance to stay on your head even after these salutary procedures don’t be querulous; just ask your barber for a new haircut (like Vin Diesel, Bruce Willice, or Marko Halanevych have) and enjoy by absence of necessity to comb long ringlets.


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