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Getting Bald Step by Step: Risk Groups

First of all it would be good to apologize for the heading of the article that refers mainly to the unpleasant things that both men and women donít like talking about. In spite of the fact that baldness isnít an excellent topic to cover, it is the topic that is worth covering now, when there are more and more negative factors that contribute to hair loss. And to know how to treat this we all should know what this thing is. So, here we go!

Scientists say that getting bald depends on whether a man carries a baldness gene that can be taken from his mother as well. That means that the possibility to get this gene from your parents even if your father isnít bald at all in his 60s is still very high. So, the first step to get bald-headed, thus less attractive for the mates, is in receiving baldness gene from your parents that eventually leads to hair loss.

The next important thing that can contribute to the baldness is possessing higher than average testosterone derivatives. It is called dihydrotestosterone and is located in hair follicles. If you have this thing in your follicles, your hair is definitely to produce weaker hair that leads to hair weakness and shed. Other negative factors include stress and environment. Stress is an inner factor of getting bald, while environment is an outer contribution to the process of hair loss. Lack of hair care and occasional treatment may lead to baldness as well.

When your follicles are weakened and cannot work steadily, hairs become thinner and smaller. Once thick, long and healthy hair can shed within months affected by outer or inner disorders. Hairless areas of bald-headed men usually have very thin and fine hairs that remained after the process of hair loss. That means that follicles there are still functioning but are not able to work as they used to do.

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If you donít have any of above mentioned problems but still lose your hair, this can be caused by aging. Aging is one of the factors that contributed to the baldness of our ancestors. Normally, aging causes balding of men about 50-60 and older, so if you are 30 and are bald-headed already, that means the cause of hair loss is not aging and you should consult a doctor. Though aging is considered to be the most Ďnormalí and Ďnaturalí cause of baldness.

So, if you belong to any of Ďrisk groupsí, donít wait for all the steps to be taken to get bald and feel free to call your doctor and ask about the possible causes and remedy. The faster you do that Ė the more hair youíll have furthermore.


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