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How Does Caduet Differ From Other Statins?

These days, when high blood pressure is considered to be a silent killer and cholesterol is blamed for contributing to the development of multiple diseases of cardiovascular system, people do need effective medications to treat both conditions and reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

Definitely, the modern pharmaceutical industry offers enough options to target high blood pressure or increased cholesterol. Furthermore, since both of these conditions very often occur simultaneously, today’s medicine developed combined pills to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol level simultaneously.

Caduet is one of such pills, combining the power of Lipitor in fighting cholesterol and the benefits of Norvasc in lowering high blood pressure. Taking one pill instead of two is the undeniable benefit of Caduet, because it means fewer pills to swallow, fewer prescriptions to receive and, finally, less money to pay.

The benefit of Caduet is based on the mode of action of its two main components: amlodipine besylate and atorvastatin calcium. The first component belongs to the calcium channel blockers, which are widely used for treating high blood pressure, and the second one is a representative of medications, called statins, which are considered to be the most powerful weapon against high cholesterol, for the time being.

Thus, while other statin medications only lower bad cholesterol and/or increase good cholesterol levels, Caduet offers extra benefit to the patients, reducing their high blood pressure and increasing oxygen supply to the heart muscle.

So, the mode of action of Caduet is based on abilities of its two main components.

Amlodipine blocks the entry of calcium into heart smooth muscles, and thus causes the dilation or widening of the veins and arteries, which supply those muscles with oxygen. Under the influence of amlodipine blood pressure, as well as the force of heart contraction, decreases. By the way, amlidipine also improves the supply of heart muscle with oxygen, and thus, it does not only lower HBP, but also reduces the risks of angina pectoris or chest pain attacks.

Atorvastatin, which is the second key component of Caduet, is the main working agent, used in Lipitor – anti-cholesterol medications, which is widely known and used in the USA, and which is, by the way, said to be the second most often prescribed medication in the USA.

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Atorvastatin works by blocking the effect of the enzyme, called HMG-CoA reductase, which in its turn suppresses the production of cholesterol in human body. In combination with the cholesterol-lowering diet and exercising, atorvastatin may result in a significant improvement of cholesterol levels.

Finally, the health benefits of Caduet can be expressed through the following figures, reported during clinical studies: due to the amlodipine component Caduet can reduce systolic blood pressure for 17.5 mm Hg; and due to the atorvastatin component Caduet can lower the risks of myocardial infarction for 45% and the risks of stroke for 26 %. Having all those benefits provided by a single pill makes Caduet a powerful weapon against high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


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