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Bob Greene’s Diet – a Life Concept

What is the difference between human beings and animals?

Actually, there are many of them, but I would like to point out only one: animals do not create problems for themselves, while people succeeded greatly in cutting branches that they sit on. One of such branches, maybe the most important for people, is health.

Humans are really inventive in creating new problems. They managed to turn eating into harmful activity. Surely, I mean excessive eating, leading to overweight or obesity. Some people eat too much because they just can not resist a temptation to drop into McDonald’s for a couple of burgers and holy coca-cola every day or every break. Some people eat too much because of fridge, tight with food, and someone has to empty it. Others eat too much to relax after a hard working day or a dramatic end of the favorite TV serial.

When people heard the cracks of the branch, they understood that the new health problem is successfully created. Then they started to think about the solutions for the problem, named in medicine overweight and obesity.

Different dieting plans and programs appeared, offering its own way to fight the fat and ensure the weight loss. Even more, the progressive pharmacists developed different medications to make the process more comfortable and effective.

Recent years brought more progress to solving the overweight problem. New options are based on the idea that overweight is not only a problem of overeating or eating the “wrong” products, it is a complex problem, involving also psychological issues, lifestyle and behavior.

Bob Greene’s diet is one of such new options. It is more a program of life than just a dieting. Bob Greene, being the exercise physiologist and a certified personal trainer, advises to change the eating habits, avoid emotional eating and start physical exercising in order to return the body to its natural and healthy condition.

This plan does not require significant changes in product ration, though it is advised to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It total, a person should eat what he likes to eat, but eating should never become the goal of living. People should eat to live, not live to eat.

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Bob Greene strongly recommends revising one’s attitude to eating. Emotional eating or eating as the method to overcome stress and psychological problems is the nearest way to obesity.

Surely such changes in life as eating right, exercising more and losing weight require certain preparations and self discipline. To make it easier Bob Greene advises everyone to sign a contract with himself. Such written document will make personal obligations more valid and final goals more perceptible.

The most famous proof of effectiveness of Bob Greene’s plan is Oprah Winfrey, a well known TV star. In 1996 they authored the book “Make the Connection: Ten Steps To A Better Body - And A Better Life”, which was a great success. The latest book “Total Body Makeover” appeared in 2005 and explains the way to healthy eating and living.


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