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Causes and Triggers of Acid Reflux

Though causes and triggers may seem to be very close terms in their meaning, they appear to be rather different things when we speak about some human diseases. Causes are usually referred to the underlying reasons, which bring a disease into a human organism. It is like loading a bullet into the gun. The bullet is inside, but you have to pull a trigger in order to let it out and strike the target.

Acid Reflux or GERD is one of the diseases that have both causes and triggers. The situation with causes is in fact rather contradictory. protivorechivaya.

We know for sure that acid reflux, for which heartburn is the main symptom, is caused by the incorrect work of sphincter between the esophagus and stomach. It is like a door that opens to let the food inside the stomach and closes not to let the gastric acid outside of it. When this door does not close tightly or opens too frequent, a person experiences heartburn that can develop into acid reflux disease. On the other hand, the reason for this door to work incorrectly is still unknown for scientists.

Happily, the doctors have learned the possible triggers for acid reflux. Consequently, knowing them and eliminating pushing these triggers may help to prevent a disease from spoiling a normal life comfort.

So, factors, provoking acid reflux, can be grouped in accordance to their origin.

Food triggers are the major contributors to acid reflux. Most common food products to blame in provoking acid reflux are citrus fruits and juices, chocolate, caffeinated or carbonated drinks, garlic, onion and peppermint. Fatty, fried or spicy foods as well as tomato-based products can also make a person suffer from heartburn.

Certain eating habits can also trigger acid reflux. For example, eating too large portions or eating before bedtime.

Another group of triggers includes certain medical conditions, namely pregnancy and hiatal hernia. It does not mean that one should avoid pregnancy of course, though women should keep in mind that during pregnancy the pressure in stomach increases and this may cause acid reflux. Hiatal hernia is the problem with a diaphragm that may cause flowing of gastric acids back into the esophagus.

Interesting to note, that acid reflux may sometimes be provoked by exercising or it is better to say by certain positions of human body. For example, excessive bending, stooping or just lying down after a meal may cause acid reflux. Here the main actor is earth gravity. Imagine that stomach with food is a bottle with water. While it is in vertical position all the water is inside, but as soon as you put a bottle horizontally some part of the water will inevitably pours out (unless you tightly closed the bottle beforehand).

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Finally, lifestyle factors it is common for nowadays to blame smoking and excessive alcohol drinking for any problem of human civilization. Though, the role of alcohol and tobacco abuse is quite clear in provoking the acid reflux. These substances may relax the sphincter between stomach and esophagus, thus provoking the disorder.

After all, the moral of the story: if a person suffers from acid reflux, it is better to define on a personal basis what specific triggers cause heartburn. Then it is recommended to eliminate those triggers.

Also, keep in mind, that all the triggers described in the articles are most common for the majority of patients. It does not mean that all of the named products provoke a disease in every case. We are all different and every person may have some specific triggers for acid reflux.


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