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Chantix the Newest Pill to Quit Smoking

Good news came from Pfizer Inc. for all those smokers, who understand the necessity of quitting this harmful habit, but cannot do this because of withdrawal symptoms that do not let a person out of nicotine addiction. The pharmaceutical company, which became world known for its marketing success with such medications as Viagra, Lipitor, Exubera, Celebrex and others, announced that its novel medication Chantix received FDA approval for using as the oral anti-smoking pill.

Taking into account the fact, that there was only one oral pill against smoking, Zyban, before Chantix, its announcement naturally became of great interest for people, trying to quit smoking, and doctors, trying to help their patients become smoke-free. Pillwatch.com cannot leave the debut of Chantix without attention and offers its readers the most important information about this new medication.

What is Chantix? Chantix is a novel medication, which active ingredient varenicline tartrate was developed by Pfizer scientists exclusively to treat smoking addiction. It does not contain nicotine as plenty of nicotine replacement therapies (gums, patches, inhalers etc.) and in contrast to Zyban it does not belong to antidepressants. So, Chantix presents absolutely new approach to help quit the smoking habit.

How does Chantix work? In order to ensure complete and successful smoking cessation, Chantix works in two major directions in human organism: 1) it binds with nicotine receptors in brain, providing the effect very similar to that of nicotine; 2) when a person resumes smoking, Chantix makes nicotine unable to activate receptors and work in its usual manner.

Thus, Chantix helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms and make them less severe. Besides, it blocks nicotine influence, when a person starts smoking again. To demonstrate the difference between varenicline and nicotine in their influence on human brain, Chantix was once compared to a 50-watt light bulb in the receptor, while nicotine works like a 100-watt bulb.

What is the duration of Chantix treatment course? The approved course of Chantix treatment is 12 weeks. In case of successful treatment, patients are recommended to receive additional 12 weeks of treatment in order to increase the efficiency of treatment and to provide the long-term results.

What are the side effects of Chantix? The clinical trials showed that Chantix was generally well tolerated by all the patients, treated with it. The most common side effects, associated with Chantix, are nausea, constipation, gas, sleep disorders with some abnormal dreams and nightmares.

What is the difference between Chantix and Zyban? While both medications reduce the cravings for nicotine without supplying human body with nicotine from alternative source, Chantix and Zyban work differently to reach this aim. Zyban interferes with certain hormones in brain, such as dopamine, serotonin and norephinephrine, while Chantix is developed to work specifically with the brain receptors, responsible for cooperation with nicotine.

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Are there any data on the effectiveness of Chantix? There were two clinical studies to check the effectiveness of Chantix prior to FDA approval. Both of them showed that 44 % of Chantix-treated patients successfully quitted smoking by the end of 12-week course. The result of Zyban was 30% under the same circumstances.

Conclusion The debut of Chantix is really impressive, and this medication may repeat the success of other revolutionary developments from Pfizer. Still, all the people should not forget that there is no medication to help quit smoking without the strong will of a smoker to finish up the bad habit.


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