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Why Are Men So Stubborn?

Why are men so stubborn? I always wondered about it. Most men think they are much cleverer than women; they do everything their own way ignoring women’s “stupid pieces of advice.” In many situations it is in vain, I would say.

My only love Max is my husband now. We met at the University and I must admit it was not easy to win his heart. He was a self-confident, impudent, tempting, handsome and very sexy young man. Moreover, he was a bad boy; and girls love bad boys, as you know. Almost each girl in our University dreamed to have sex with Max at least once. They said he was good at it; so, he often changed girls and didn't think about serious relations at all.

As I've already said: it was not easy to win his heart but I did it. Soon I made sure of the hearsays that Max was really good in bed! Max fell in love with me too, and everyone understood I was the one and only for him. Other girls envied, but I was happy!

However, there was one thing, which I couldn't pacify and which often caused quarrels. Bad guys always have bad habits, so had Max: he smoked much, too much, I would say. It didn't do for me, because I had plans for that guy and wanted him to be healthy as long as possible: I was going to make him my husband. Where else could I find a husband and a lover in one man?

No matter how hard I tried to persuade him to stop smoking, he didn't listen to me. The only argument that worked a little (for a day or two) was that smoking could lead to impotence sooner or later. This fact touched him on the raw - such a master in sex and an impotent! It was inadmissible for him! Nevertheless, some days passed and he smoked again.

And what do we have now? We're 42 and my beloved husband Max...is almost an impotent! I had 15 years of wonderful sex, but I want more! I'm just 42! When the doctor brought in a verdict, Max looked at me sadly and said almost with tears in his eyes: "I should have listened to you. I thought I would always be the best... Are you gonna leave me now?"

"Certainly, no. But I have to look for a lover now!' I thought, but added aloud: "How can I? I love you and will always be with you, no matter what." I do love my husband, but I love sex, too!

Well, two years ago I met a man of about 38, rather cute and interesting. He came up to me when I was dining in some cafe and we talked a lot that day, even after dinner. I told him that I hated smoking men and explained why. Now I think I shouldn't have done it.

He wasn't married and we started meeting twice a week. My husband thought I was busy at work or went shopping. For two years I had sex no worse than I had had with Max before! My lover was a real boon for me. Moreover, he led a healthy way of living (as I thought) and I was sure I was provided with sex for many many years ahead.

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However, about two months ago I noticed some changes in our sex. My lover became irritable, often angry, and I had to put forth much effort to make him excited. He explained it all as problems at work. Soon he began taking some pills before making sex ensuring me they were against headache.

Once he was taking a shower and I found those pills. It was Viagra! I was so furious that I went out on the balcony to take a breath and calm down a little. I never did that before so that nobody could see me in the apartment of my lover. Well, it was a bad idea: I found an ashtray filled with stubs, some blocks of cigarettes and ... a chest of alcoholic drinks on his balcony!

It was the limit! I took my clothes and left never to return. What do I need a lover-impotent for when I have a husband no worse than he?

Now I have to look for a new lover... By the way, do you smoke?

Katty, 42

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