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Clarinex Effectiveness and Safety

Modern pharmaceutics seems to constantly discover and develop new medications, trying to find cure for multiple diseases, which are yet not under human control, or improve the existing drugs, searching for the way of lessening side effects incidence and increasing their effectiveness.

Clarinex is said to be a newer and improved version of the old and well-known Claritin – antihistamine, used to treat seasonal allergies, rhinitis, and allergic asthma. Manufacturers mainly report of the additional benefit Clarinex offers to its users: the drug is said to be much safer than its predecessor, since it does not cause dizziness and drowsiness, thus being less sedating.

In fact, safety profile of this medication includes such, so-to-say minor side effects as headache, nausea, muscle pain, diarrhea, dry mouth, and flu-like symptoms, which are, in general, similar to those of the sugar pill used in the clinical studies. Their incidence is also close between placebo and the pill with the active ingredient used in Clarinexdesloratadine. One should, however, remember that if he needs a higher dose to reduce allergy symptoms, side effects will increase respectively. Nonetheless, no such note can be found anywhere.

More serious adverse events reported were mostly allergic reactions to the active ingredient of the pill. However, those were very rare. It is stated that Clarinex in the recommended dose (5 mg) is safe in this respect.

Much less information is available about the effectiveness of Clarinex in comparison to Claritin. Some well-informed people confirm that the real efficacy is not significantly higher than that of a sugar pill, thus, it seems not to differ greatly from the effectiveness of the old representative of the same class of drugs.

Contraindications for the use of Clarinex include the usual list of persons: those who suffer from liver and kidney disorders must consult a doctor about the possibility to take this antihistamine; pregnant women should be treated with it only if benefits are suggested to overweigh possible risks; breastfeeding mothers should not undergo Clarinex therapy, as well as people allergic either to desloratadine or loratadine.

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One more question is always very important for patients: what are the possible food and drug interactions of the given medication? The answer is simple with Clarinex, but it may not be absolutely satisfactory for the users: no sufficient information is available on this matter to date. The studies are in the process. Patients are advised to inform their doctors about any pills and supplements they are currently taking for the professional health-care providers to decide whether it is possible to combine particular treatment plans.

Thus, as everything in this world, pharmaceutical achievements in many cases still remain questionable, especially because of the human factor, which is always present in all life situations. Do not forget that there is always someone who gets the profit, often without actually deserving that.


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