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Crestor and How to Use It

Cholesterol issues are very popular these days, and many people, including medical experts and their patients, discuss it. A lot of scientists all over the world take infinite pains to offer the best way of managing high levels of cholesterol. Happily, there are many medicines available today, which help to lower blood lipids levels; and in case the traditional or natural ways (such as proper dieting and exercises) of overcoming cholesterol do not help, a doctor can always give one a hand.  

So, what to do when your blood test results are bad, showing high cholesterol levels? First of all, visit a doctor and talk to him about the appropriate treatment. Never resort to self-treatment, because high cholesterol is a serious health condition, which may contribute to heart and vascular problems. Most likely a doctor will prescribe one of the statin medications, so widely used these days. There are many brand names of statins, and following is the summary of the basic information on Crestor, one of the latest inventions in the field of cholesterol management.

Crestor general information. Crestor (rosuvastatin calcium) belongs to a group of statin medicines. These medications are used to treat high level of blood cholesterol. If one can’t lower his cholesterol through lifestyle changes (such as exercises and healthy eating), a doctor may prescribe him Crestor. This medication is clinically tested and approved by the FDA for the use in cholesterol management in 2003.

How does Crestor work? Basically, it works in liver – a body organ, which is responsible for the production of cholesterol (we do remember that about 80 % of all the cholesterol is produced in the body, and only 20 % is supplied from the foods we consume). So, Crestor blocks one of the chemicals in the liver, called HMG-CoA reductase, and thus turns off the production of cholesterol. What is also very important is that Crestor not only reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol in blood, but it also helps to raise the HDL or “good” cholesterol level.

How to use Crestor? The medication is produced in the form of tablets for oral administration, so it is usually taken once a day by mouth. Our liver creates cholesterol mostly at night when we sleep. That’s why it is better to take Crestor before going to bed. Keep in mind that this medication can be taken with or without food. Also one should not forget about following a healthy low-fat diet during the treatment with Crestor.

There are several dosages of Crestor, but the starting dose is usually 10 mg for most of people. The maximum dose is 40 mg, but doctors prescribe it only in case if the smaller amounts of medication fail to provide the expected results. Sometime people, suffering from diabetes or those who are at the increased risks of developing some heart diseases, may start treatment with the 20 mg dose of Crestor.

It goes without saying that patients are not allowed to increase the prescribed dose without talking to their doctors. Doing this may increase the chances to experience side effects of the medication.

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What are the side effects associated with Crestor? The most common side effects of Crestor are sore throat and headache. However, some people may also experience diarrhea, upset stomach, muscle aches, digestive disorders, nausea, or flu-like symptoms. Very rarely some patients may develop severe muscle pain and muscle weakness resulting in kidney damage.

In order to minimize side effects risks, one should follow all the doctor’s recommendations carefully. Alcohol is forbidden during the treatment with Crestor, since it drastically increases the chances to experience side effects.

Crestor is not indicated for use during pregnancy or lactation. If you plan getting pregnant in the nearest future or if you have just become pregnant – talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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