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Diabetes Management with Lifestyle Changes

Several decades ago scientists stepped on the way of researching the hypothesis that healthy lifestyle may be an effective method of preventing diabetes in millions of people, as well as the way of avoiding the development of serious complications in those already diagnosed with the condition. Their early research was inconclusive for making the official decision on this issue; however, scholars keep on looking for the reliable facts of proving the theory.

Meantime, the experience of millions of patients shows that certain changes in the way of living can really help manage this serious disease. In fact, what else can be more reliable than personal experience and obvious benefits of healthy lifestyle than patients’ lives? Here is a selection of basic rules of healthy lifestyle, which has already helped numerous sufferers of diabetes improve the state of their lives and reduce the impact of the disease on their bodies.

Healthy nutrition

Food is the core means, which ensures our living. However, it is also the instrument capable of slowly and invisibly destroying our bodies, often without even showing its wicked action. For those under the risk of serious illnesses changes in the eating habits are often the way to keep things under control.

For diabetics healthy nutrition means low-fat, low-calorie diet with the consumption of beneficial carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and low-fat dairy products) and foods with soluble fiber (apples, citrus fruits, carrots, oats, barley, peas and beans). Insoluble fiber is also good in small amounts. Its sources are nuts, vegetables, wheat bran and whole wheat flour.

It is best to avoid trans fats and saturated fats, consuming instead monounsaturated (olive and canola oils) or polyunsaturated fats (nuts and seeds). This will help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels to maintain stronger cardiovascular health. In addition, eggs yolks, organ meats, and whole milk products are considered to be the richest sources of cholesterol, thus their consumption should be very limited. Sugar-rich foods should also be avoided.

Regular exercising

It is known that regular moderate exercising helps body increase insulin sensitivity and thus allow it to function properly. In the long run, glucose levels are reduced in those who exercise regularly. However, strenuous physical activity may provoke too low blood glucose levels, thus excessive zeal is not encouraged.

Weight loss

Overweight and obesity may trigger the development of numerous diseases. Diabetes is one of them. If a person is already a sufferer of this condition losing several pounds may still be of great help for the body in the fight against the disorder, or at least against some of the most troublesome symptoms.

Smoking cessation

Diabetes or risk for its development and smoking is an extremely dangerous combination, which may result in far more serious consequences than diabetes alone. The risks of heart attack, nerve damage, kidneys and blood vessels diseases are much greater in smokers. And relaxation with the help of cigarettes is nothing but self-delusion. Listening to your favorite music can help much better, so teach your body to respond to this way of stress management, or to any other thing you love best in the world.  

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Alcohol avoidance

Glucose tolerance is impaired with alcohol in diabetics and elderly. Its abuse may lead to eye and nerve damage. Avoiding alcohol is as important as quitting smoking for those who do not seek for additional problems, especially if it is absolutely possible to avoid them.  

Stress management

Taking control over the mind is often the first thing to do. If one can control his thoughts, desires, and mood, he will be able to cope with other problems as well. Use relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, visualization, etc. in order not to let stress convince you that diseases and concomitant circumstances are stronger than you are.



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