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Diet Secrets That Will Get You Slim

Do you go on diet after diet but don't lose any weight? I have found that to be true until I figured out these quick and easy ways to lose weight. It really works and your diet won't be a struggle.

• Instead of having foods that don't fill you up, have foods that work to make you feel full and you won't want to eat anything extra. For instance, instead of having scrambled eggs, have a hard-boiled egg. Instead of having a slice of bread, have a bran muffin. Think 'feel full' foods and you won't be hungry at all.

• Before you start dieting, get several diets that will work with your life-style. If you don't like liver or salmon, don't pick that type of diet. It needs to be geared to healthy foods that you will eat. Otherwise, your diet won't work.

• If you can learn to use chopsticks, you will eat less and even have fun while eating. It makes you feel like your in Japan. Set your table elegantly each time you eat also.

• Every morning put a teaspoon of sugar in your tea or coffee. Don't use any sugar substitutes. Using sugar will stop you from craving other sweets, especially chocolate.

• Fill a cleaned-out garden mister and fill it with low-cal salad dressing. You will not use too much and you will enjoy the salad taste, not just the dressing. You'll save lots of calories this way.

• Eat your heaviest meal (dinner) at lunch and you will lose weight without even trying. It really works and you will see a big difference. Your food has time to digest and you will feel more energetic when you wake up in the morning too.

• Stir a spoonful of vanilla extract into a jug of ice water and add a little bit of sugar. The tasty mix wll stop your urge to fill up on sweets. It's easy-to-make.

• Instead of having greasy potato chips, sprinkle slices of sweet potatoes with salt or chili powder and put them in a microwave oven for four or five mintues on high. They are delicious and low-calorie.

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• If you keep cooked potatoes in your refrigerator, you can eat them like apples or mash with yogurt or skim milk for a delicious, non-fattening treat. Your family will love it too.

• Tie a ribbon tightly around your middle while you're working or wear slacks a size too small. It will remind you not to taste food you're not supposed to be eating.

• A great way to have homemade cake without it having lots of calories is that before baking, add the calories in the ingredients. When you're done, slice up portions and decorate each one with the number of calories in it. This way, you will know if you are keeping within your calorie limit.

If you follow the above simple ways to lose weight, you'll be slim in no time and will be able to keep the weight off without any problem.

Suzan L. Wiener

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