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Different Mind: Schizophrenia

I remember the nice movie about the Nobel Prize Winner that was caught by a strange disease. The movie is remarkable itself, because you get what’s going in round-about the end of it. Why, you might ask? Simply because the unreal world of the main character in the movie was too real for him, and, logically, for everybody else in front of the screen.

The disease has a long and mouthful name of “schizophrenia”. That is the disease of the main character of the abovementioned movie and the disease of too many people in front of the screen. Some of them have no clue about that, and for some this word is the scariest word in the world.

You have to experience certain symptoms to be diagnosed schizophrenia. They can be different. Doctors lined up several groups of symptoms of schizophrenia. Those are:

1. Positive symptoms:

- Delusions. If you or someone else around you has false beliefs, like you can have a belief that you are getting special messages from radio or TV programs. It is also possible to have a delusion that you have a terrible physical illness that does not exist in reality. Some people also believe that they have special power or abilities, as well as that they are celebrities.

- Hallucinations. They can vary too. You can experience visual hallucinations, see the people that other (real) people cannot see. Some kids experience slight schizophrenia in early years making friends with unreal people. There are also auditory hallucinations, when the person hears voices that other people cannot hear. Hallucinations can also be tactile (feeling touching), olfactory (smelling things that other people can’t smell) and gustatory (tasting unreal things).

- Disorganized speech. Occurs with the so-called word salads, when the person mixes up everything while talking.

- Catatonic behavior. Also known as a strange behavior that borders with mania.

2. Negative symptoms:

- No energy. The person is inactive, doesn’t go out, and sleeps a lot, not too sociable.

- Low motivation. The person doesn’t want to discover new things, lacks interest in life.

- Emotional apathy. The person doesn’t smile and doesn’t enjoy life as much as it was before.

- No friends. The person doesn’t want to make friends with other people and tries to avoid any social contacts.

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Schizophrenia also has different kinds, but sometimes it can be messed up with other diseases and mental disorders like schizoid personality, manic depression and different types of Autism.

Sometimes schizophrenia is misused as a synonym to something really bad, almost sinful. In fact, this disease is no worse than any other and can strike anyone. Well, actually a lot of really great people of all times were schiz. On some levels, it’s a disease of mental overload when the brain is trying to overcome mental pressure but fails to do that.

It is important to keep in mind that you are special no matter what. If there’s a problem you have to be sure that there’s solution, if there’s a disease there’s a remedy. Schizophrenia is successfully treated by the complex medicine and there’s a possibility that the treatment will be much improved in some time.

Remember that your mind is beautiful, even if it is different.


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