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Dispelling Myths on Depression

Being very often treated as a type of upset mood, melancholy or spleen, depression did not receive enough attention from the medical science until recent decades. As the result, even nowadays depression is still cloaked in myths and misperceptions, which often hinder in timely diagnosis and successful treating of depression as the medical problem.

Below we will try to destroy some of the most widely spread myths on depression.

Myth: Depression is not a real disease, but a state of mood.

Truth: Depression is a real medical condition, and it should always be treated this way. Depression is not only about blue mood, low spirit and lack of enthusiasm; it is also about certain changes in the balance of brain hormones. That is why it should be evaluated and treated by qualified medical specialists.


Myth: Even if depression is a medical condition, we cannot do anything about it anyway.

Truth: For the time being, depression is not a curable, but a treatable condition. There are many effective medications which can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of depression symptoms.


Myth: Depression appears only after some stressful life events, such as divorce, death of a close relative, job loss…

Truth: It is naturally to feel upset or even frustrated after certain life events, but it is not always a case of depression. Such negative feelings usually fade away with time and a person returns to his normal lifestyle. Depression is a condition, which often appears without visible reasons; and a sufferer himself cannot overcome his negative thinking and feeling without the help of close people and doctors.


Myth: If I cannot cope with my depression by myself, it means I am a weak person.

Truth: Depression is not a sign of weakness, just like having herpes is not a sign of untidiness. Depression cannot be cured just by will power or something like that; so it is definitely not about weakness.       


Myth: Depression appears from nowhere, and it will go away by itself. We only have to wait…

Truth: Depression has certain genetic and physiological causes. So, a sufferer should work with his doctor to find the exact cause of depression and try to eliminate it. Untreated depression will only become worse and worse with time.


Myth: The main cause of depression is the extreme pace of modern competitive world.

Truth: Yes, modern life is full of challenges and stresses, but we all did not come here from the calmness of Eden Garden, we have been born to this world and we have to keep step with modern life and learn to overcome all the stresses.

Myth: Drugs used to treat depression are addictive.

Truth: Modern antidepressants are not habit-forming or addictive.


Myth: When a depressed person talks about suicide, it does not mean he will do that.

Truth: Suicidal thoughts, talks or intentions of a depressed person should be treated very seriously by surrounding people. Depression can really make a person commit suicide, and any signs of suicidal intentions should not be treated thoughtlessly.

Myth: Only women suffer from depression.

Truth: Women are said to be twice as predisposed to depression as men. However, it does not mean that men do not suffer from depression at all.


Myth: Depression is normal for teenagers – it is a part of growing up.

Truth: Depression is not normal at any age. The emotional world of teens can be very vulnerable because of certain hormonal changes in the organism; so parents should be very attentive to their children and treat seriously any signs of possible depression.

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Myth: Only poor people with low income and material comforts suffer from depression.

Truth: Though socioeconomic status may contribute to the development of depression, even rich people may suffer from this condition. This disorder affects people of all ages, nationalities, classes and races.


Myth: There is no better remedy from depression, than a bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey…

Truth: Clinical depression cannot be cured by alcohol. Beer or whiskey can only worsen the situation.


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